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Workers struggle to make a living

Workers struggle to make a living

In recent months, taking advantage of the children’s breakfast, Nguyen Van Hoa and his wife, Mr. Worker (CN) Co., Ltd. 7/27 (Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City), again with the job of selling lottery tickets.

fighting for family

Hoa and his wife, Duong Tu Trinh (from Dong Thap province), are disabled (muscular atrophy in both legs due to polio since childhood). Almost ten years ago, after getting married, they went to Ho Chi Minh City to earn a living. Knowing that 27/7 Company Limited recruits disabled workers, so they applied for a job and have been employed ever since.

In Ho Chi Minh City, they gave birth to 3 healthy and healthy children in turn. Previously, the total income of the husband and wife was more than 10 million VND per month, not very high, but the package was enough to take care of the entire family of 5 living in the company’s free accommodation. But in the last few months, the company began to face difficulties, the orders decreased, the factory produced 2-3 days a week, so its income also decreased by more than half.

In order to have no money, Mr. Hoa and his wife had to sell lottery tickets to earn more. “Selling lottery tickets on the street in the hot season is very difficult, but my husband and I are still encouraged. We just hope that the work in the company will be stable again,” said Mr. Hoa.

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Ms. Truong Thi Tu Dinh, a worker at Ty Hung Co., Ltd., works as a housemaid to improve her income Photo: HUYNH NHU

Due to the difficulties of the company, the life of Mr. Tran Thanh Tung, an employee of Nam Dung Joint Stock Company (District 8, Ho Chi Minh City), is very difficult. The company only works 2-3 days a week, so his income is only 2-3 million VND a month, while his wife has no steady job, the children are still young, and his parents are old. and they need someone to take care of them. of the.

In order to improve his income, on days when he has little work, Mr. Tung drives a motorcycle taxi, transports goods, cargo and loads… but he doesn’t earn much. Mr. Tung confided, “Many people advised me to sign up for a motorcycle taxi ride, but since I’m old and don’t have a smartphone, I can only shake my head. Now, whoever hires me to do it, as long as I already that I have an income to pay for it. Worried about the family.”

manage all the way

After the shift, Ms. Truong Thi Tu Dinh, an employee of Ty Hung Co., Ltd (Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City) hurriedly ran to the motel room to wash and change and go to a part-time job. . During the last few months, due to the company’s lack of work, she agreed to help with housework, earning 4.5 million VND per month.

Before that, Ms. Dinh worked as a waitress in a snail shop, earning a stable income, but because she came home too late, she came to the company tired the next day. Seeing her alert to her, a couple near the motel room suggested that she help with chores. Seeing that the job was suitable, she accepted the job and so far she has stuck to it.

Overtime every day from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., one day off on weekends. In addition, the host also covered dinner, helping her save some money. Dinh is currently a single mother, living in the city is expensive, so she sent her children to live with her grandmother. Every month, she sends 4 to 5 million dong to her hometown to take care of her elderly mother and her young children.

Equally difficult is Ms. Dang Thi My (from Dong Thap Province), an employee of PouYuen Vietnam Co., Ltd (Binh Tan District). Recently, due to few orders from the company, workers had to wait for shifts and their income decreased. Meanwhile, she still has a loan to repair the house, which she must pay in installments. In order to have money to cover living expenses, she received product stamps, packed packages overnight, and earned an additional 120,000 to 150,000 VND per day.

My sister said that the job is only seasonal, when it’s over, you have to find another job. “The salary and income from part-time work in the immediate future are enough to eat, drink and in case something happens. Everyone is in trouble, not just me, so I should do my best” – confided Ms. .my.

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