Wild leopards attack at court, injuring 8 people

Newsflare reported that mayhem broke out at Ghaziabad district court, India when the wild leopard wandered into this facility.

Seeing the bloodthirsty beast caused the staff to flee for their lives, while the lawyers locked themselves in the office for safety.

However, the uproar only angered the leopard, who pounced on a shoemaker on the ground floor before roaming the court complex.

Life - Wild leopards attack in court, injuring 8 people

Wild leopard attacked Ghaziabad district court, India.

Filmed video shows the fearsome predator growling at a worker from behind a guardrail, while another shows a brave group of people taking advantage of items in the building to make a temporary weapon against the leopard in the hallway.

Police and forestry officials then arrived at the scene with nets, cages and tranquilizers. The leopard was finally subdued after 4 hours.

Speaking to local media, the police said: “According to information received, eight people were injured, but no one was seriously injured. However, some people are still hospitalized and they feel better after giving first aid.”

Currently, the police are coordinating with the Forest Service of India to hand over the leopard to take care of.

Clip: Images of wild foxes attacking a court in India, injuring 8 people.

Life - Wild leopards attack at court injuring 8 people (Figure 2).

Quoc Tiep (according to Newsflare)

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