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Why iPhone camera is not working and how to fix it

Of the Iphone has one of the most versatile camera systems on smartphones today. Like the iPhone 14 Pro, it has a 48MP main sensor (f/1.78) with anti-shake technology, 12MP wide-angle and 12MP telephoto lenses for 3x optical zoom. With this configuration, you can take excellent portraits, or shoot wide landscapes and sharp videos. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max can also take pictures of small subjects using Macro mode.

iPhone 14 Pro rear camera system. Photo: SlashGear

In addition to the hardware, the iPhone camera is easy to use and well optimized by Apple. This makes up for the iPhone’s lack of shooting or video recording modes like Vivo and Xiaomi’s high-end smartphones, or the not-so-impressive lens specs.

However, the iPhone camera system does not always work smoothly. It could be due to a software bug or a hardware problem. In many cases, your iPhone does not have enough memory to run the application or the lens is dusty.

While it can be difficult to pinpoint the root cause of the problem, there are fixes you can try to get your iPhone’s camera up and running again. Here are some ways to fix when your iPhone camera is not working.

When to check for problems with the iPhone camera app?

If you find the camera app takes a long time to launch, the screen goes black, won’t switch from one mode to another, or won’t let you click on the images you’ve just taken, then you should think about fixing the problem. try.

Need to find out what causes iPhone camera problems. Photo: SlashGear

First, you need to figure out what is causing the iPhone camera to crash. As mentioned earlier, the camera app on iPhone may stop working due to software or hardware related issues. If it’s a problem with the camera software, other apps like FaceTime, Instagram or WhatsApp can still access and use the camera normally.

Therefore, open one of these apps and check if the camera is still available. If the camera works fine on these apps, then the problem lies with the iPhone’s camera software.

In this case, a fairly simple fix is ​​to close the app and reopen it.

Restart or update iPhone

If the camera still doesn’t work, use a “golden” method used to fix most iPhone errors, which is restarting the iPhone.

Updating software can fix errors on iPhone. Photo: SlashGear

Restarting the iPhone restores all resources to defaults, fixing any errors that may have arisen due to minor software issues.

Hold down the power button on iPhone > Turn off iPhone using the power off slider on the screen and wait at least 30 seconds > Hold the power button to turn iPhone back on > Open camera, try clicking photos and switching between modes like photo, video, …

If the camera still doesn’t work properly, try the second method, check for iOS update. Apple rolls out iOS updates fairly regularly to add new features and fix issues. Please upgrade to the latest iOS version.

Open Setting and come General Settings > Select Software updates and check if your iPhone is using the latest iOS version. If not, please Download and Install the latest iOS version.

Reset iPhone

If updating to the latest iOS still doesn’t fix the camera problem, you can reset iPhone to default settings.

There are 2 ways to reset iPhone. Try resetting all settings first by:

Open Setting and choose General Settings > Select Transfer or Reset iPhone at the bottom of the menu > Tap Reset at the bottom of the screen and select Reset all settings > Confirm screen lock to reset all settings to default on iPhone, including app-related options and permissions.

Once the reset is complete, open the app to see if the camera responds.

If resetting all settings doesn’t work, try factory resetting your iPhone. But remember that this method will erase all data on iPhone. Therefore, create an iCloud backup to restore your iPhone after it returns to factory settings.

Open Settingmove in General settings > Select Erase all content and settings > Press Continue and follow the onscreen instructions to reset iPhone.

It will take a few minutes before you can use your iPhone again. Once done, your iPhone will boot up on the welcome screen. Follow the instructions to reset.

After completing the factory reset for your iPhone, check if the camera app is working properly or not.

Hardware test

If you have tried all software-related iPhone camera fixes to no avail, the error may be coming from the hardware.

The iPhone camera may be faulty due to hardware. Photo: SlashGear

First, check your iPhone’s camera lens for any signs of physical damage. If you drop your iPhone, chances are that the lens inside has been damaged. Broken camera lenses, outer glass, etc. can all render the camera useless.

If you’re using the best iPhone case, make sure it doesn’t block the camera lens. If the camera cannot focus on the subject or the image is blurred, wipe the camera glass with a clean microfiber cloth.

Also, if your iPhone overheats from using it in direct sunlight or while charging, avoid opening the camera. You should let your iPhone cool down by not using it for a few minutes, putting it in a cooler place, and removing the case.

If all of the above doesn’t work, it’s best to go to an Apple Store and get help from the store staff.

(According to SlashGear)

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