Who is the president who allegedly “face to face” Ms. Thuy Tien?

Who is the president who allegedly “face to face” Ms. Thuy Tien?

Miss Thuy Tien suddenly removed the introduction line as “Miss Grand International 2021” at the top of the page. Soon after, on June 30, Mr Nawat Itsaragrisil – President of Miss Grand International – it was found that he does not follow Miss Thuy Tien on Instagram. However, the account of Mr. Nawat still appears on Miss Thuy Tien’s watch list. The strange act of the President of Miss Grand International during the release of Thuy Tien this title caused a stir on social media.

At noon on July 1, Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil posted a new status line on the official Instagram. Chairman Miss Grand International expressed his opinions loudly and said that Thuy Tien’s actions were immature: “Immaturity is caused by the removal of the article from the personal page”.

In addition, Mr. Nawat also said “when we remove the topic, there are really many problems”.

Before that, the relationship between the President and Thuy Tien was still good. He even praised it a lot Miss Grand International 2021.

Facing the above information, many people also want to know about the background of President Nawat Itsaragrisil.

The president came out of poverty

Share with ThaipostMr. Nawat said he was born and raised in a poor family with 12 siblings. It was his bad past that forced him to earn a lot of money and have lots of money. He always wanted to build a house to take care of his parents, but when he did, his parents were gone.

He has received major awards such as Outstanding Manager in 2011, Person of the Year Award, Outstanding Person in Broadcasting Golden Bell Award 2012…

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Mr. Nawat attracts the media every time he appears. Image: Internet

Nawat Itsaragrisil’s turning point was in 2013 after he decided to establish a competition. Miss Grand International.

In just 10 years, he successfully built and promoted the brand Miss Grand InternationalI mean the same Miss Intercontinental (aged 50), Miss Earth (born 21 years ago) to compete for the top 4 position in the biggest tournament in the world (only after Miss World, Miss Universe again Miss Internationalaccording to the Miss Grand Slam list of the Global Beauties website).

The name Nawat is popular in the Thai entertainment industry. Even some people think that he can be called a “deceitful” man in the world of beauty in the world of the Golden Temple.

Trade in beauty pageants

What makes Nawat’s pageant a hit with global beauty fans is its focus on performance and entertainment, which is different from the Miss Universe model. Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth…

In addition, from the beginning, the message of Miss Grand International caught the attention of the beauty world. According to the information posted on the official page, the competition was established under the support of the Thai government, a sponsor with the aim of spreading beauty to the community.

With years of experience in the entertainment industry, he encourages competition Miss Peace become a big product by removing the entertainment and commercial elements.

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President Nawat Itsaragrisil and Miss Grand Thailand Engfa. Image: Internet

In March 2023, Mr. Nawat asked a provincial Miss Peace in Thailand to broadcast live to sell snacks. Mr. Nawat said that if the beauties reach 200 goals, they will be considered top. Miss Grand Thailand.

Before that, Mr. Nawat forced the Miss Peace 2022 runners-up to broadcast live commercials after being crowned. The items presented by the Top 10 beauties in the live show are Mr. Nawat such as dry chicken, coffee, skin lotions and perfumes.

I mean the President Miss Grand There is also a shocking statement: “This organization is mine, because I spend money. I am the one who decides who will be crowned. Miss must be the one who will help me earn a lot of money.”

So far, Miss Thuy Tien has talked about removing her introduction line. However, Mr. Nawat’s side has not commented on this issue.

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