When depositing money in the bank, the girl cried because “it hadn’t been withdrawn yet.”

When depositing money in the bank, the girl cried because “it hadn’t been withdrawn yet.”

According to the released information, Ms. Cao, from Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China, has been in business for many years in 2017 and earned more than 10 million yuan (about more than 34 billion VND). money to earn interest.

After comparing different banks, Ms. Cao found that Jilin Bank’s Dalian branch had the highest interest rates. According to the bank’s interest rate of 4.25%, the interest could be as high as 100,000 yuan (about 341 million dong) after one year, so she deposited money with this bank. Then, because he was busy with his business and forgot about it, he didn’t think about that amount until he realized the deposit was about to expire.

Careless when sending money to the bank, the girl fainted because

Ms. Cao was frustrated when she complained to the reporter, saying that she had reported to the police hoping to get her money back.

When she checked, Ms. Cao unexpectedly looked like she was about to collapse because her account was frozen on the third day after her 10 million yuan was deposited.

Unable to accept this, Ms. Cao immediately went to the bank to find a teller and was told that her deposit was frozen due to the “mortgage” under the agreement, and to get the money back she would have to wait another 82 years.

Ms. Cao disagreed, saying that at age 82, she might not have received bail until she died. She then provided proof that it was a fixed deposit and no agreement or commitment was signed. However, the bank officials confirmed that the bank can process the mortgage because Ms. Cao personally entrusted it.

Because she had not received a clear answer for a long time, Ms. Cao called the police and reported it to the bank, hoping that the law would be fair and her 10 million yuan deposit could be returned.

Coincidentally, Mr. Ding from Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province also experienced a similar incident. He does business in Yunnan, to facilitate capital turnover, he deposited 5 million yuan (about 17 billion dongs) of his cash at Hengfeng Bank in Lijiang, which also issues you a deposit receipt. Then when he went to collect the money, he was told that there was an irregularity in his account and the money was frozen and could not be withdrawn. What is even more ridiculous is that the bank could not provide a reasonable explanation and only said that they would process the withdrawal for him asap, which infuriated Mr Dinh extremely and had to report this to the police.

At present, Ms. Cao and Mr. Dinh’s incident is attracting a lot of public attention and attention.


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