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Waste of time if you only focus on preparing for IELTS, SAT in high school

At the seminar “The door to the top university: What key besides the SAT and IELTS?” Recently organized by Olympia High School, Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu shared and answered a lot of information about the changes in the way the world’s top universities evaluate applicants, as well as what needs to be done. prepares students to add “keys” to their study abroad journey.

Dr. Hieu said that the things that are often mentioned when parents and students go to study abroad counseling centers are SAT scores; TOEFL/IELTS; grade point average in school and extracurricular activities.

“These things are still important. But are they the only thing young people need to prepare for? Second, are they the most important? I hope parents have to think about these two questions,” said Dr. Hieu, saying that it is not enough for young people to exploit the environment and develop well when entering top universities.

“To help a student enter the top university is very difficult, is a great preparation and investment of parents and students. But it is much more difficult to prepare students so that they can survive, learn and develop themselves well in college.”

However, today’s high school is mostly focused on helping students get into the top universities, but rarely thinking about children getting into college… so what. Then they will have to walk on their own.

“Going to university is just the beginning. Whether young people can survive and thrive in that university environment is often more important than which university they enter. Because at the high school stage, family and teachers are always beside. Even the children are prepared a lot, such as hiring tutors, preparing for exams at study abroad counseling centers and then being urged and reminded by their parents from studying, writing essays,… It can be said to do it all. everything to meet the deadline to enter the university. But when entering the university environment, it is only you with the university environment.”

According to Mr. Hieu, a Harvard University study shows that the skills that students, including graduates from leading universities, are still lacking include: Effective communication in writing and speaking; Teamwork, negotiation, client management; Multidimensional thinking: creativity, critical thinking, self-study ability; Professional, stylish,…

Dr. Hieu posed the question, how much of the above things did the IELTS/TOEFL test preparation build for them?

According to Dr. Hieu, if the entire period of middle school and high school, students only focus on exams, practice SAT and IELTS, it is really a waste of time and it is not necessarily enough for them to succeed in the environment. University. Because in recent years, when the candidate profiles are “almost the same” because “everywhere you can see 8.0 IELTS, participate in a variety of extracurricular activities”.

Not to mention, according to Dr. Hieu, universities have begun to shift in their selection criteria and look for candidates that match their own “quality”.

“If in both middle school and high school, only exam preparation and exam, it is not surprising that students no longer have the motivation to study on their own, do not develop harmoniously and comprehensively in other parts because it takes a lot of time.”

According to Dr. Hieu, it is important to understand that things like IELTS or TOEFL, SAT scores are just “covers” that exist on the outside that we can see, but what is invisible inside students is what is. important thing.

Dr. Hieu said that, in order to be successful in the university environment, students need to prepare themselves with the language capital (actually using the language fluently), the study skills capital, the “navigator” capital. ability to find direction), social capital (relationships, connecting with friends), family capital (connecting with family), passion capital, steadfastness capital.

In addition, parents also need to help their children form and develop two important skills: self-study and convincing decision-making – things that help them maintain good academic performance after entering university.

Master of Harvard University Nguyen Vu Thanh An.

At the seminar, Harvard Master Nguyen Vu Thanh An introduced to parents the trend of assessing the importance of admission criteria of the world’s top universities in the US, thereby proving the point “SAT and IELTS is not the only key to open the door to the top university in the world.”

From his own practical experience as well as many years of experience as a study abroad consultant and career guidance, MSc An advises parents to focus on developing the foundational competencies for their children, as well as building good habits. habit of studying, healthy living, from high school.

“Those are things like how young people arrange their time, how to prepare their health. Then, when they encounter stress or problems in life, how will they handle it, …”, MSc An said that these will be important factors to help them when entering university and going out into the world to be happy. happiness and success.

What is the structure of the IELTS test to study abroad?

What is the structure of the IELTS test to study abroad?

Currently, the Academic IELTS test assesses your English proficiency to be suitable for an academic environment, or at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The IELTS test will consist of 4 sections assessing whether you are ready to study abroad.

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