Vietnamese people are increasingly engaged in artificial intelligence

Vietnam has no big gap with the world in AI

According to a forecast by McKinsey Company, by 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will contribute to the economy by 13 trillion USD, equivalent to 1.2% of global GDP.

In Vietnam, the AI ​​community is considered to have great potential for development. With the combination of a young population, artificial intelligence technology is forecasted to bring many new faces to the Vietnamese economy in the coming years.

In fact, over the years, Vietnam has had specific policies in promoting the development of AI technology application. The most obvious is the fact that the Prime Minister has promulgated the National Strategy on Research, Development and Application of AI to 2030.

Driver Monitoring System with AI technology developed by Vietnam. Photo: Trong Dat

The strategy sets out the goal of promoting research, development and application, making AI an important technology field of Vietnam in the 4.0 Revolution, contributing to socio-economic development and gradually bringing Vietnam to the next level. become a bright spot in research, development and application of AI in the region and in the world.

Most recently, at AI Summit 2022, an important information was pointed out by the speakers. From a research perspective, according to an international ranking, Vietnam is currently ranked 26th in the world in terms of AI research capacity.

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam and Singapore are currently two countries in this ranking. Research about artificial intelligence Domestically, it is assessed that there is not too far a distance compared to European countries such as Poland, Spain…

Artificial intelligence is being applied strongly in Vietnam

Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Big Data (BigData) have become an important element in the business strategy of businesses around the world. This is the key to helping businesses solve data problems and take advantage of big data to optimize work efficiency, increase customer experience and reduce business costs.

In Vietnam, artificial intelligence is being strongly and actively applied, especially in fields such as smart cities, healthcare, insurance, smart agriculture, and environmental technology.

Tri Nhan – Vietnamese robot applying AI technology. Photo: Trong Dat

A number of large enterprises have built and developed AI Research and Development Centers in Vietnam, attracting many of the world’s leading experts in this field to work. At the same time, there has been a relatively large number of innovative start-ups applying AI technology in new products and services.

These include products and services applying AI technology that have been recognized by the market, such as the intelligent health care monitoring and support system for Vietnamese (VAIPE), voice conversion products Vietnamese to Document (VAIS), System driver monitoring (DMS), Surveillance cameraidentify people wearing masks (HANET AI Camera).

Professor Vu Ha Van, a new scientist, successfully developed the comprehensive multi-cognitive artificial intelligence platform VinBase. Photo: Trong Dat

Most recently, VinBigData has just launched the comprehensive multi-cognitive artificial intelligence platform VinBase, supporting Vietnamese businesses to apply AI and Big Data solutions to production and business activities.

This is one of the pioneering platforms in Vietnam in bringing virtual assistants closer to businesses, helping to improve service quality and provide a better experience for customers.

With the emergence of more and more research projects and products applying AI technology, in Vietnam promises to have a force of enterprises capable of competing in the field of AI in the international market.

Trong Dat

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