Vietnamese games are in a brilliant development stage

While attending an event in Pakistan, Ms. Thuy Nguyen – in charge of expanding Google’s game and app market in Southeast Asia – was asked by some programmers there for a “secret” to developing games. like Vietnam, instead of asking for lessons from big countries like the US and China. This shows that Vietnamese games are creating a certain position in the global game making world.

According to a report from App Annie, one in every 25 games downloaded globally will be made in Vietnam. There are currently 430,000 game developers in the country and growing rapidly.

Many game studios in Vietnam such as OneSoft, Sonat, Amanotes are having games topping the global charts. There are plenty of other gaming startups that are growing rapidly.

Like the Gamee studio, although newly established, there are already a number of products that make an impression. Mr. Giang Nguyen, CEO of Gamee, said that at the start-up stage in 2021, there were only a dozen employees, but now it has grown to more than 60 people, and plans to recruit more to expand its scale.

One of the reasons for the development of the Vietnamese and world gaming industry in the past few years is the period of isolation, many people have to stay at home to play games for entertainment.

Experts from Google, OneSoft, iKame, Gamee are discussing the development of the game industry in Vietnam. (Image: Google)

Many people are surprised by the strong growth of the Vietnamese game industry in recent times. Mr. Quyet Nguyen, CEO of iKame – ZEGO Studio, assessed that the domestic game industry has developed rapidly in the past 2-3 years.

“Ten years ago, I could not have thought that the domestic game industry would develop like that,” Mr. Quyet shared.

In just a short period of time, many Vietnamese game companies have developed games that are in the top of the market. The number of game studios grew more and more. Not only domestic companies, foreign companies also began to pay attention to the Vietnamese market and develop games for this market.

“According to my research, Vietnam is in the top of the world in terms of in-game advertising revenue. Many global companies are learning from the Vietnamese market,” iKame CEO informed.

In Vietnam, up to 68% of Vietnamese have a network connection that plays games on mobile devices every day (Google – Kantar report), making it a potential market for gaming businesses. But the broader global market is also the target of most companies. The survey shows that, on average, 7 out of 10 game companies in Vietnam target foreign markets.

Therefore, businesses that are focusing on the Vietnamese market will begin to expand abroad and vice versa.

Ms. Hoa Vu, Marketing Director of OneSoft – Rocket Games Studio, said that Vietnamese game studios are actively expanding the market and diversifying products to keep the growth momentum.

For example, in the past, companies focused only on the tier 1 market, now they are starting to expand to tier 3 and 4 markets to exploit more users. At the same time, in addition to maintaining the main product, the companies also develop and diversify different games to earn more players and revenue.

Due to the strong development of the market, more game companies sprang up, so the recruitment of personnel and the competition for product quality are more intense. New companies like Gamee face more challenges than before.

Mr. Giang said that because there are many game products on the market, users have begun to demand higher quality products, causing studios to perfect their products. Besides, the problem of recruiting personnel – especially in the Hanoi area – will face many difficulties, so Gamee is working with schools and training institutions to find quality personnel.

The human resource problem also causes many big companies headaches. Ms. Hoa Vu said that OneSoft is working with small (indie) developers to have more game resources to provide customers. The company will help and guide indie games to perfect the product and release it to the appropriate markets.

The ability of Vietnamese programmers has been proven over a long period of time, so the potential for development is huge. Ms. Emily Nguyen – Director of Strategic Clients, Gaming & Apps in Vietnam, Google Asia Pacific – said that Vietnamese programmers are not inferior to the world, but need a long-term development plan, vision. long term for further growth.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Quyet shared that in order to maintain sustainable growth, game companies need to build a solid foundation to create breakthrough momentum. Not only product development, the company needs to have a business mindset such as understanding the market, omnichannel marketing, increasing conversions, diversifying ways to make money…

According to NewZoo’s latest report in 2021, games are an industry with huge potential market, estimated to reach global revenue of up to 219 billion USD in 2024. The report also forecasts that the industry. This could attract 3 billion players globally by 2024 – equivalent to half the world’s population


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