Vietnam is among the top in the world in terms of manufacturing and publishing mobile games in the international market

Producing and publishing games in the international market are among the top

Sharing from Google at a game event just held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam currently has 430,000 game developers. An average of 7 out of 10 game developers from Vietnam target the international market. One in every 25 games downloaded globally is made in Vietnam, and the advertising revenue of Vietnamese game publishers and production studios is among the top in the world.

A report from App Annie published in 2021, in the top 10 game publishers with the most downloads on Google app stores and App Store in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has up to 5 publishers, even 2 studios, Amanotes and Onesoft, took 1st and 2nd place respectively.


In the top 10 publishers with game downloads on AppStore and Google Play app stores in Southeast Asia in 2020, announced by marketing and market research organization App Annie, Vietnam accounts for half of the total. business – Photo: App Annie

Data from SensorTower’s report specializing in mobile games also shows that revenue from Vietnamese game studios currently releasing in the global market amounts to tens of millions of dollars per year. For example, the top 3 current game publishers, revenue figures from the App Store and Google play show, VNG has a publishing revenue of up to $ 87 million in 2021, of which PUBG game revenue is up to $ 5 million. , Onesoft is $60 million with its 1945-Airplane shooting games, which grossed $19 million, and Amanotes is $17 million for its Magic Tile 3 game, which grossed $10 million.

It should be noted that this report is only revenue from paid users from the App Store and Google Play app stores, excluding display advertising revenue. According to a representative of a domestic game manufacturer, if including advertising revenue, the number can be 4-5 times higher than the above revenue.


Data from SensorTower in the first quarter of 2022, Vietnam is in the top 8 countries with the most downloaded games in the world – Photo: SensorTower

According to SensorTower, in the first quarter of 2022, the number of game downloads produced and released by Vietnam was in the top 8 in the world, accounting for 24% of the number of downloads globally. According to, in the first 6 months of the year Onessoft ranked in the top 6 in terms of global game downloads with 600 million downloads, Amanotes ranked 22nd with 180 million downloads, iKame 150 million and xGame 96 million downloads ranked 31st respectively. and 41 worlds.

In the field of game production, one of the top-rated studios today is Topebox, which currently develops 80 games on its own and is published by partners around the world. Notably, it also cooperates in production for the world’s top game publishers such as Tencent, EA Game … the company’s revenue in 2021 is 2 million USD.

Topebox’s top game can be mentioned as Sky Dancer, once ranked in the top 1 in terms of downloads in markets such as the US, China, Japan… and also the first and only game from Vietnam that is currently in the top 1 in terms of downloads. downloads in the Chinese market.


Sky Dancer, a game produced by Vietnam, once ranked No. 1 downloads in the Chinese market – Photo: Google Play

Notably, in 2016, the Politaire game produced by Topebox also won the best game award of the AppStore ecosystem, awarded by Apple, this is also the first and only time so far, a game developed by Vietnam Nam received this honor.

In addition to Onesoft, Amanotes, Topebox above, there are many other Vietnamese studios that are producing and publishing globally (with more than 60 studios – PVs) such as: IEC Global Pty LTD, WEEGOON, TOH Games, ZITGA, Apero Game Studio, Zego Global Publishing… revenue from several hundred thousand to hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Only strong in Casual and Hyper Casual games

There is a fact, the games that Vietnam produces and publishes in the top of the international market today are mainly Casual and Hyper Casual games, these are games with simple design, easy to play, and content. Game content is usually short. Mainly games in the form of shooting planes, goalkeepers, puzzles, killing Zombies …

According to Mr. Thai Thanh Liem, Founder and CEO of Topebox, the reason why Vietnam can only make the above simple games is due to a lack of capital and human resources, especially human resources to design games.

“Vietnamese people are very creative, so simple games are produced and released with content that attracts a lot of players in the international market. However, to make high-quality games (mid-core and hard-core) is very difficult, because of the lack of capital for long-term investment, besides human resources for in-game graphic design and interior design. Game content is also seriously lacking because there are no specialized training places in this field, “said Mr. Liem.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Dao Quang Tuan, Sales Director of Funtap’s game block, said that it is very difficult to find human resources to design games in Vietnam at present. Besides, to develop high-quality games also requires a lot of money to invest, many studios also try to produce these games, but there are many unfinished games that have run out of money.

Nguyen Tuan Huy, Director of Hiker Games also said that it is very difficult to make high-quality games in Vietnam, besides lack of capital and human resources, there is also a lack of topics to make game content.

“Vietnam does not support games, so it leads to a lack of human resources to invest in production, besides lack of money, so many studios that produce 1 or 2 quality games have closed. Besides, the topic of the game also depends on many surrounding areas such as cinema, comics, literature… but it is also lacking in the country. In addition, domestic game topics are also very ‘sensitive’, especially because of the history that makes studios not sure which ones to include, which ones should not be included…”, Mr. Huy said.

It is worth noting that out of more than 60 Vietnamese game studios that are producing and publishing games globally, only a few studios are located in Vietnam, typically Topebox and Hiker Games, the rest most of the work. companies abroad and the largest is Singapore.

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