Video of Russian Ka-52 helicopter firing missiles at Ukrainian tanks

A Russian Ka-52 helicopter launched a Whirlwind missile that destroyed a Ukrainian army tank at a distance of several kilometers.

During a skirmish in Ukraine, a Russian military Ka-52 reconnaissance and attack helicopter launched rocket destroyed a Ukrainian tank, when Ukrainian military vehicles carelessly appeared in the open field.

Due to the Russian helicopters operating at a long distance, the Ukrainian tank crew only detected the missile flying towards them when the missile was approaching, so they could not react in time.

The video published by captured the moment a Ukrainian tank was destroyed by a Russian Ka-52 helicopter launching a Whirlwind anti-tank missile at a distance of several kilometers.

The flight path of the missile is controlled by the pilot of the Ka-52 helicopter. Even when the Ukrainian tank crew managed to escape the attack, the Russian pilots were able to adjust the direction of the Whirlwind missile and hit the target.

The Russian Ka-52 helicopter has proven its ability to fight effectively with hundreds of armored fighting vehicles and tank of Ukraine was destroyed.

Ka-52 helicopters are equipped with electronic warfare systems and active jamming systems. It can accelerate to a speed of 300 km/h, has a payload of 2.5 tons, and has a range of 460 km. The ceiling of the Ka-52 is 5.5km, the cruise speed is 260km/h. Ka-52 is equipped with both missiles, rockets and bombs.

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