Video dissecting the belly of a ‘giant’ python discovered that a 1.5m crocodile was swallowed

Rosie Moore, a geologist in Florida, said in an Instagram post on November 1, the dead python with its bloated belly was taken to a laboratory for autopsy and samples collected. animal, considering its diet.

According to the image from the shared video, scientists cut along the bulging belly of the 5.5m-long Burmese python and pulled out a 1.5m-long crocodile carcass intact under the tissue.

The python was discovered and killed by staff at the Everglades National Park, because “giant” pythons have thrived and raged in Florida, wreaking havoc on the ecosystem, eating native species.

“These pythons have successfully colonized ecologically sensitive areas such as the Everglades National Park,” Moore said in her post. “This poses a threat to a wide variety of wildlife, given the python’s varied dietary preferences.”

According to Mike Kirkland, a biologist who manages the South Florida Water Authority’s python eradication program, Burmese pythons take up food from native animals and eat wildlife in the area.

Burmese pythons, one of the largest snakes in the world, have rapidly grown in Florida when some pet owners release them when they get too big.

But because of the carnivore-free region and subtropical climate that resembles their native land in Southeast Asia, pythons have thrived in Florida. The state government has licensed and paid 100 hunters to capture and kill this snake in Florida.

Burmese pythons have a varied diet. They feed on small mammals in Florida, but have also been recorded eating larger animals such as white-tailed deer and alligators.

The giant python It usually swallows its prey after squeezing them to death. Due to the special structure of the jaws, it allows pythons to open their mouth wide enough to swallow prey even larger than their body circumference.

In rare cases, pythons have also been reported to have swallowed whole people. Last month, a 54-year-old woman who went missing in Indonesia was swallowed by a python, according to police. A scientist in Indonesia said the woman was likely swallowed by a reticulated python, which can be more than 6m long.

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