Viber users can now use the new storage feature

Rakuten Viber, the global company that develops the OTT Viber application, has officially announced the launch of a new capacity management function, allowing users of this application to conveniently check their storage capacity and Free up space when needed. Users using devices with limited capacity will be able to use Viber more effectively.

The size of multimedia messages is gradually becoming much heavier due to the integration of video clips, AR effects, images and other methods of communication, which makes it difficult for older generations of smartphones. difficulty in data processing. According to GlobalStats, about 40% of Android users on phones and tablets use operating system version 11.0 or below. This leaves a significant number of users affected by low storage capacity.

Viber’s new storage management function allows users to clear the cache from their entire Viber application or choose which chats need to clear space. This function helps users know how much space Viber takes up on their device; what is the total capacity they have; how much free space is left; and how much phone space each conversation uses.

The new capacity management function is available to Viber users globally from February 9.

Users can delete unnecessary files by selecting the files they want to delete on each chat. This will delete all content of the chat, such as videos, images, or files. This function only takes effect on the side of the person performing the action, while the contents of the other people’s devices in the chat will not be affected. If the user has downloaded the received files separately on the app, those files will still be stored securely on their device.

Rakuten Viber also added that the new feature on the Viber application is only available on smartphones, and can be used from version 16.3.0 on iOS and version 19.4 on Android. To use, Vietnamese users need to update to the latest version of Viber.

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