Vegetarian food culture in the Purity of Vietnamese dishes

The first purpose of the two artisans is to introduce to diners the material cultural heritage of an ethnic group, a locality where the influence of Buddhist culture has permeated deeply in the lives of the ancient capital; At the same time, this is also a way to repay the ancestors of the family for leaving a legacy cuisine extremely valuable.

Vegetarian food culture in the purity of Vietnamese dishes - Photo 1.

Not only introducing the recipe for 30 healthy vegetarian dishes of Vietnamese people from ancient to modern times, the book Thanh Thanh Vietnamese tray (pictured) also integrates interesting cultural stories, providing readers with a multi-dimensional perspective on Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnamese cuisine.

Vegetarian or salty depends on the concept and tradition of each family. However, in addition to the vegetarian meal at the temple, most Buddhist families often show their respect for their ancestors, grandparents, and parents through vegetarian offerings. According to the author’s opinion, the first offering is to remember and pray for the past sages to be at peace in the good land, then to remind children not to forget their roots; Our ancestors can’t live life like a living person, but only feel the sincerity from the filial piety of their descendants through the tray, so we should not trade the life of the creature to do it. offerings to avoid killing karma and also to create merit for deceased relatives…

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