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Two women were saved thanks to iPhone 14

The location of the two women is lost. (Photo: Times Colonist)

Emergency SOS via Satellite is a new feature on the line iPhone 14″. It helps iPhone owners communicate with emergency services via a satellite connection in places where there is no cellular signal or Wi-Fi.

On December 23, 2022, two women were traveling to Alberta (Canada) when they discovered that the highway was closed due to an accident. They used Google Maps to find an alternative and decided to go through the Holmes Forest side road and get lost here.

According to Dwight Yochim, senior manager of the BC Search & Rescue team, where the two women got lost 12 miles from the main road. They were stuck in the snow with no idea where they were and no phone signal. However, one of them owns an iPhone 14 and uses the SOS Emergency feature to communicate. Mr. Yochim said this was the first use of SOS Emergency in British Columbia.

Soon after, the rescue team used GPS location to guess the location of the two women. Without the iPhone 14 feature, it would have taken the team more than a week to find the victim.

Since its introduction, Emergency SOS has saved many people in similar situations. For example, in December 2022, a person lost in a remote area of ​​Alaska used the feature to contact the Alaska State Troopers rescue team. Four volunteers were mobilized to search using GPS coordinates provided by the Apple Emergency Response Center. The man was found and fortunately was not injured.

(According to Apple Insider)

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