Truong Giang reacts when juniors call singer Pham Khanh Hung a friend

Truong Giang was

Truong Giang reminds Thai Ngan about how to address guests

Programme It’s so strange released episode 2 with the participation of guests Ho Phi Nal, Pham Dinh Thai Ngan and Lala Tran. Taking on the role of leading the program is MC Long river. Here, the players can directly duet with the mysterious character arranged. At the same time, based on a series of suggestions from colleagues, they had to guess the name of the unknown person.

Notably in this episode is the contest of singer Pham Dinh Thai Ngan. In the suggestion, the vocals Detachable hand grip and the guests could not guess who the mysterious person was. Meanwhile, Long river made an inference: “The show clip is a bit general, there are many people who know how to write music, have businesses, and celebrities, such as Ngo Kien Huy. But everything is just speculation, we should invite people The mysterious object singing a duet is easier to guess.”

Truong Giang is

Thai Ngan was confused after a duet with Pham Khanh Hung

After that, Thai Ngan had the opportunity to duet with the mysterious person through the song If you didn’t come before. The mysterious person surprised by constantly changing his voice, making the guests excited. At the end of the contest, Thai Ngan gave two names that he speculated were musicians Nguyen Van Chung and Hua Kim Tuyen. When the mask was opened, the whole studio was surprised to see the singer’s appearance Pham Khanh Hung.

To find more information, Thai Ngan immediately started a conversation with the mysterious person. The male singer just called: “Hello friend”, immediately Long river harsh reaction: “Chaotic, chaotic”. Too confused, the 1993 vocalist quickly changed his name to “uncle” and got Pham Khanh Hung retorted: “Hello, I refuse to answer 5 questions”. Realizing the problem, Thai Ngan called him “brother” and quickly exploited a lot of information about the mysterious character.

Truong Giang is

The male MC constantly pressured and teased the guests to make the audience happy

Especially, when Pham Khanh Hung It was revealed that recently when he collaborated with Thai Ngan, the male MC immediately put pressure on him. “Dear ladies and gentlemen, there are two problems. If Ngan remembers, then Ngan is a good person. Working with colleagues is remembering and cherishing feelings. If Ngan doesn’t remember, it’s no different from support people. In this showbiz, what if you live without such gratitude… Long river If you work with someone, always remember because that’s the person who contributes to your product. I have to respect and be grateful,” he said.

Seeing Thai Ngan being awkward, Pham Khanh Hung immediately helped his juniors with an important suggestion “have you rapped for anyone lately?”. Immediately, the 30-year-old vocalist immediately guessed Pham Khanh Hung’s name. However, the male singer is still not sure: “But Mr. Hung is going to Australia. I see a picture on Facebook showing off his muscles. Anything can happen, maybe he flew back from Australia quickly. So, when I recall the top data, it’s definitely Pham Khanh Hung.”

Truong Giang is

Truong Giang asked Thai Ngan to bow his head to apologize for not recognizing his senior

After the rest of the music, Thai Ngan broke down when he correctly guessed the mysterious character singing a duet with him. However, he was still teased by Truong Giang: “After 3 hours, Pham Dinh Thai Ngan, with enthusiastic support from singer Pham Khanh Hung, accidentally recognized him. A person who worked with me once. that I don’t recognize, it proves that I don’t care about their voices.” At this time, Pham Khanh Hung immediately said that he had deliberately practiced singing for 3 days to make it difficult for his juniors, so he did not blame anything.

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