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Tracing the source of personal information leakage

In particular, the issue of protecting consumer information during transactions, especially transactions in cyberspace, attracts special attention because of the fact that personal information leak upset a lot of people.

Over the past time, the authorities have prosecuted many cases and arrested many individuals related to the illegal trading of personal information. In which, there are cases where the violator has participated in buying millions of users’ personal information. However, as public opinion has repeatedly reflected, the situation of personal information being compromised is still happening and causing a lot of trouble, even being taken advantage of by bad guys to perform scams.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem and protect the personal information of users, it is necessary to investigate the responsibility and apply strong handling measures to the units, enterprise to leak related data.

Typically in cases of illegal sale of personal information, can a few individuals be able to collect millions of information? Where do such data sources come from? The fact that personal information is bought and sold is due to the purpose of “smuggled” by units and businesses or by loopholes. information security?… Only when handling thoroughly and fully, tracing the responsibility to the source, can we expect to effectively protect information for users.

In recent years, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19 Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. But also because of that, the amount of personal information held by businesses is larger, including many important information such as bank account numbers, e-wallets, etc. This means risk. for higher security.

Up to now, regulations on corporate responsibility for information security individual customers already have, but in fact, as the comments have pointed out, it is still necessary to improve many regulations and strengthen the binding. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten it further with strong regulations and specific actions to strengthen the responsibility of businesses.

Currently, Vietnam is promoting digital transformation, building a digital ecosystem for citizens, so the issue of protecting personal information becomes even more important in the digital space; User information will have even more important data, becoming a “gold mine” that many bad objects and criminals target. This fact requires the protection of personal information to be set at a higher and stricter level.

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