Tonight Vietnam will have the largest meteor shower in 2022

This December, astronomy lovers will witness the Geminids meteor shower. This is a meteor shower that usually occurs in early December every year.

The Gemini meteor shower was first observed in 1833. Its origin comes from a collision on a celestial body called 3200 Phaethon. Fragments of material produced by the collision rushed to and burned up in Earth’s atmosphere, forming the Geminids meteor shower.

Like its name, meteor shower Gemini appears from the direction of the constellation Gemini (Gemini). If observed in the Northern Hemisphere, the position of the constellation will be in the southwest of the sky.

The meteor shower is an amazing astronomical phenomenon that many people aspire to witness.

This year, the Gemini meteor shower will appear between December 4-17. The peak time is on the night of the 13th and the early morning of December 14th.

At its peak, the Geminids meteor shower can bring up to 100 – 120 meteors per hour. Observers can see the Geminids meteor shower with moderate frequency throughout December.

A meteor shower is an astronomical phenomenon that can be seen with the naked eye and does not require the use of specialized equipment such as binoculars or telescopes.

To observe the most favorable meteor shower, viewers need to find places with wide, open sky, not obstructed by trees or constructions. Observers also need to stay away from the city, which is affected by the lights.

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