Tips to deal with the humid “specialties” of the North

For each northerner, humid weather is a specialty that lasts from February to April, only ending when a cold and dry wind blows. In humid weather, moisture in the air rises, causing water to condense and settle on any surface it can cling to.

Depending on the temperature difference between the surface and the air, the degree of humidity will vary. The larger the temperature difference, the more the phenomenon of condensation and vice versa.

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Humidity has a significant impact on human activities (Image: Internet)

Rainy weather greatly affects people’s daily activities and health. These are ideal weather conditions for bacteria, mold and insects to grow. High humidity is also the cause of an increase in the number of young children and the elderly with respiratory diseases. Besides, the wet floor is easy to cause slippery, unsafe for the elderly and children.

There are many ways to deal with this “unpleasant” specialty.

Use hygroscopic materials

Many families use towels and rags to absorb moisture on the floor. If using towels and rags, you should choose a good absorbent type and wipe the floor with a dry towel, absolutely do not use hot water to clean the floor and help the floor dry quickly as many people think.

In addition, you can also try desiccant materials such as charcoal, lime, newspaper … placed in areas with high humidity such as corners of walls, corners of houses or under beds, tables, chairs… This material can help reduce moisture on objects and in the air.

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Charcoal is a good hygroscopic material (Image: Internet)

Always close the door

Many people think that it is necessary to open the door for ventilation, the house will dry faster. However, this is a completely wrong notion. To prevent the house from getting wet, we need to close all doors and windows.

Turn on the air conditioner to dry the air

You can use the Dry mode on the air conditioner to remove excess moisture and moisture in the room. However, how much humidity should be reduced? According to studies, humidity below 60% is the optimal humidity, making it easy for the skin to sweat and bring comfort to people.

In the current line of air conditioners, the new generation Panasonic air conditioner is quite “smart” when it can sense and control the humidity so that the humidity in the room is always at this comfortable level.

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Panasonic air conditioners provide a smart solution to eliminate indoor humidity.

Specifically, when opening the Dry mode on the air conditioner, the fan speed will be set automatically. The humidity sensor on the Panasonic air conditioner continuously monitors the relative humidity in the room. If the humidity is high, the air conditioner with humidity sensor will be activated and remove excess moisture in the air to keep the room humidity below 55%. This cycle is continuously repeated, so that the user does not feel too cold. You will have a dry and mold-free room in hot weather without having to invest in an additional dehumidifier.

In addition to the dry mode, you can also enable the nanoe . independent air filter functionTM X on Panasonic air conditioners with low power consumption, equivalent to only one LED bulb (25W/hour). With 9,600 billion OH radicals/second, nanoe . technologyTM X utilizes the benefits of the OH radical to effectively inhibit airborne and adhesion pollutants as well as common odors. As a result, the air is filtered clean and reduces musty odors.

Refer to a number of air conditioners with Panasonic humidity sensors here.

Use hygroscopic plants

It’s surprising, isn’t it? In fact, there are a number of plants that are good at absorbing moisture, including ferns. Letting a few pots of ferns in the house, not only work to remove CO2, add more oxygen to the house, but also greatly reduce the humidity in the air.

Apply the five tips above to say goodbye to the humidity and if you are planning to upgrade your home’s air conditioner, don’t forget to refer to Panasonic’s range of air conditioners with temperature sensors and control modes for the season. this pot.

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