Thien Nu 2 gives cash, iPhone 13 Pro Max to gamers

Connecting hearts with love to receive iPhone 13 Pro Max

The event takes place from 10:00 March 2 and ends at 00:00 13 March with really simple participation rules. Gamers just need to share memories of love, friendship or any memory related to Thien Nu 2 VNG Upload on your personal channel (Tiktok/Facebook/Youtube platform), with the hashtag: #thiennu2 #kyniemthiennu2 to have a chance to receive rewards.

When participating in the playground, gamers should leave accurate and valid registration information for BTC to conveniently record, avoid unnecessary arising. Besides the 128Gb iPhone 13 Pro Max, the first place in the playground also received Hong Mong Nguyen Qi, Cam Duong Xuan-Quan (30 days), Cam Duong Xuan-Y (30 days) and Phon Hoa (30 days).

Second and third place received Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 41mm; Apple AirPod 3 as well as in-game items that the playground has specified. From 4th to 20th place will receive titles and gifts in the game corresponding to each specific rank. The playground has been posted on the game’s fanpage, the official news page of the game, and is receiving a lot of response from the enthusiasts’ association. Thien Nu 2.

Race to the top of Thanh Xuan to receive rare Devil equipment

As part of the activities to celebrate the broadcast of the MV “My lover is cold and iron”, the new server S74-Thanh Xuan was also officially launched and implemented many interesting activities. In particular, racing to receive equipment Devil is an activity that many gamers are interested in.

Accordingly, from 00:00 03/03 to 23:59 30/03, all characters at the server S74-Thanh Xuan will compare their equipment. The results are recorded at 00:00 on March 31, 2022 in the equipment battle force chart of the whole server. Depending on the first, second or third place, the character will receive the corresponding Devil equipment such as weapons, shirts, hats, rings, belts, gloves, shoes, and many valuable in-game items such as mounts – Ngoc Kinh Su (30 days), Silver bag, Son Ha Xa Tac map, trying to keep the heat, T-shirts, tole bags of Thien Nu 2 brand,… Ranks 4 and 5 only receive gifts in the game according to the rules of the activity. Other activities of the new server such as Level competition, Top Gia Vien – Jewelry, Guild competition – Top Federation competition also take place during this time with extremely attractive in-game gifts. As follows:

  • Top 1, 2 and 3 level competitions to receive Big Checks, Gems, Gold, Hong Mong Nguyen Qi, Dang Vow, Museum of Art Books, Nhu Y Eggs, etc.
  • Top 1, 2 and 3 Guild Competitions – Top Federations receive White Tiger, Single Dedication, Big Check, …
  • Top 1, 2 and 3 competition Gia Vien – Jewelry received Gia Vien Time, Dong-Cam Duong Xuan-Toc, Dong-Thanh Loan Vu-Quan, Dong-Dyen Mong-Y, …

Cover ‘My lover is cold and iron’ to receive a reward of up to VND 55 million

That’s the total cash for the new cover playground of Mr. Syrup. The special prize by Mr. Voting Siro will receive 20 million VND; First prize 10 million VND, Second prize 5 million VND. These prizes as well as the 4th place onwards will receive in-game rewards according to the rules of the playing field.

According to the sharing from BDH Thien Nu 2, in addition to activities related to server Thanh Xuan, the new MV of Mr. Siro, in this March, there are many community playgrounds held at fanpage, incentives and optimization in the game. NPH Thien Nu 2 Expecting to bring the smoothest, new, unique and most rewarding experience to Vietnamese gamers.

Currently, gamers are extremely excited and participate enthusiastically with activities to celebrate the release of MV “My lover is cold and iron”. The MV has reached 1 million views after 3 days of broadcasting and ranked in the top 9 trending positions on Youtube.



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