There is a ‘Nguyen Ngoc Ky’ in the West

Practice letters with your feet

Since birth, Nguyen Minh Trung has unfortunately been paralyzed in both hands, his father has left since then. My mother is currently working as a factory worker in Dong Nai province. Trung stayed at his grandparents’ house and was taken care of by his grandparents. The family situation of grandparents is also difficult, and they still have to raise and take care of a 38-year-old son with cerebral palsy lying in one place.

Mr. Tran Cong Quyen, Nguyen Minh Trung’s grandfather, said that the family tried to treat Trung but only kept his legs. The leg is also not strong, Trung himself has had to undergo many times of muscle transfer surgery and physical therapy. “The doctor has instructed me to practice standing slowly. Many times when I am not alone, I go on my own, I fall all the time. Every time I go to school, I carry him to the classroom. It wasn’t until the end of 4th and 5th grade that Trung was able to walk on his own,” Quyen said.

Although he is paralyzed in both hands, Trung does not feel guilty but always tries to practice writing with his feet. Experiencing many hardships and hardships, I can now do some things on my own in daily life, but there are some things I have to ask for help from my grandparents, such as bathing, dressing, eating, going to school. …

Nguyen Minh Center said: “The first time I held the pen, it was very difficult, after writing a few words, I failed to write, trembled and my feet hurt! Flipping books and exercises is also very difficult. Thanks to hard work and pain, after 3 months of practice, I also practiced writing the first letters. Although writing is still very slow compared to my classmates who write by hand, I am still determined to go to school with my friends.”

A teacher near Trung’s house gave more support and encouraged his family to send him to school. At first, my grandparents were also worried, afraid that I would feel inferior, so they only bought a few notebooks and pens for me to try out. However, when they saw that high school was successful, they were passionate about going to school, and grandparents tried to take care of their grandchildren to study well.

There is a Nguyen Ngoc Ky in the West - Photo 1.

Nguyen Minh Trung practices writing with his feet.

An example of willpower

Trung’s sense of learning is very good. Mr. Le Thai Toan, her homeroom teacher, said that since receiving the class and understanding Trung’s situation, he has cared about and often paid attention to her.

“Despite his disability and difficult family circumstances, Trung still lives a positive and optimistic life. I study hard and work hard, my sense of learning is very high. I am very polite, understanding and get along with friends. Trung deserves to be a typical example of energy and will to overcome difficulties and rise up in life and in study,” Toan shared.

Bui Quoc Thinh, a student at 10C11, in the same class as Trung, said that Trung writes with his feet, but writes quickly and keeps up with his classmates. I learned the spirit of overcoming difficulties, your determination to overcome adversity, to be motivated to strive more in study.

Since Trung started going to school, his grandfather has been a private driver to take him to school. In class, the school equips Trung with a set of desks and chairs so that he can sit and write on his own. My handwriting is neat and easy to read.

“From the 1st grade until now, no matter what rain or wind, I have to pick him up. Every time I get a motorbike taxi, I have to calculate the time to take advantage of the time to pick up. I’m determined to take care of him someday or that day. If I live to take care of the future, take care of my own life, I will die peacefully, “said Quyen.

There is a Nguyen Ngoc Ky in the West - Photo 2.

Trung always tries to study to get a suitable job to take care of himself in the future.

Caring teachers

According to Mr. Quyet, understanding his grandson’s situation and energy, the teachers are more caring and supportive than family members. Last season of the Covid epidemic, from books and equipment to support Chinese online learning, teachers brought them to their homes.

Le Trung Nghia, a teacher at Trung Thanh Secondary School, Co Do district, said that last year he received the list of 9th graders during the implementation of Directive 16 on Covid-19 prevention. Knowing that Trung’s situation is that he uses two legs to use his phone to study online, sometimes he can’t study, so he often brings lessons to his house to help him pass 9th grade with average academic performance and happiness. good test. Seeing that she had a desire to continue studying in grade 10, he also mobilized his family to support and support him to continue his studies.

Vo Thanh Phong, Trung An High School said that at the beginning of the school year, when he received the handover from the secondary school, the school discovered that Trung wrote with his feet and this is also the first case of the school. “The school assigns a member of the school counseling team to directly support her. Her family is in difficult circumstances, her grandfather drives a motorbike taxi, and her grandmother takes care of her 38-year-old son with cerebral palsy. The school has proposed to support scholarships to facilitate children to go to school, actively contact the secondary school to arrange seats, create conditions for children to study in class, and at the same time exempt some subjects. for me as physical education”, Mr. Phong shared.

The learning path ahead of the boy who writes with his feet still has many challenges and he still hasn’t dared to dream much. “My shortcomings are irreversible, so I plan to graduate from 12 and find a suitable job so that I can earn a living and take care of myself and my family,” Trung shared.

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