The uses of roasted black beans are few people know

The uses of roasted black beans are few people know

Roasted Black Bean Juice It is a popular summer drink. Consuming this roasted black water properly and sensibly will give you great health benefits. This is the use of black water that is roasted that few people know.

Combination nutrition of the character

Black beans (black beans) are known to be high in protein, fiber, and other nutrients with health benefits. Using black bean water helps to soften the skin. Below is the nutritional summary of roasted black bean juice on the website of Vinmec General Hospital:

The nutritional profile of half a cup (86g) of cooked black beans contains about:

Energy: 114 kcal
Protein: 7.62 g
– fat: 0.46 g
Carbohydrates: 20.39 g
Fiber: 7.5 g
– Sugar: 0.28 g
Calcium: 23 mg
– Iron: 1.81 mg
Magnesium – 60 mg
phosphorus – 120 mg
– one: 305 mg
– sodium: 1 mg
Zinc: 0.96 mg
thiamin: 0.21 mg
– Niacin: 0.434 mg
– Folate: 128 mg
Vitamin K: 2.8 mg

Black beans also provide a variety of phytonutrients such as saponins, anthocyanins, kaempferol and quercetin, all of which have health-promoting properties.

Like many other beans, black beans contain starch, a complex carbohydrate. Starch works as an energy store that burns quickly, so the body digests it slowly, preventing an increase in blood sugar.

Great health benefits of black tea

If you drink black tea properly and sensibly, you will get the following great benefits:

Helps to keep bones healthy

The Labor newspaper cited in Medical News Today says that calcium and phosphorus are two minerals that are very important in the formation of bones; while iron and zinc play a role in maintaining strength and flexibility for joints.

Interestingly, all these are in black beans. Therefore, if you want to prevent bone and joint disease and strengthen the bones, you should maintain the habit of using roasted black juice, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Diabetes Care

According to information on the Vinmec General Hospital website, several studies have found that people with type 1 diabetes who eat a high-fiber diet lower blood sugar levels. In addition, people with type 2 diabetes can experience an increase in blood sugar, lipids and insulin levels. One cup, or 172 grams, of cooked black beans provides 15 grams of fiber.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends 25 grams of fiber per day based on a 2,000-calorie diet. This can contribute differently depending on the total number of calories consumed.

Helps lower blood pressure

Maintaining a low sodium diet is important to keep blood pressure at a normal level. Black beans with green hearts are a good candidate for this label. This food is low in sodium and contains potassium, calcium and magnesium, which help lower blood pressure naturally.

Protect your heart health

Black beans are also anti-inflammatory and contain high levels of B complex vitamins, which help increase the health of blood vessels, reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the body, and support people with heart disease to stay healthy.

Prevent cancer

Selenium is a mineral that is not found in many fruits and vegetables, but can be found in black beans. Selenium also plays a role in liver enzyme activity and helps break down some cancer-causing compounds in the body. In addition, the composition of selenium can have the effect of preventing inflammation and reducing the rate of tumor growth.

The saponin compound helps prevent cancer cells from multiplying and spreading throughout the body. Another thing is that fiber from fruits and vegetables like black beans has been found to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Black beans are rich in folate compounds. This is a compound that participates in the structure and repair of DNA, thus preventing the creation of cancer cells that produce DNA.

How to tell roasted black beans

According to experts, to get a glass of delicious water, you have to mash black beans and drink the water, or you can wash them and drink them directly with hot water. Here is a complete guide to getting a delicious and nutritious cup of black tea:

Applications: Black beans: 100 g


Choose black beans with firm, pest-free seeds. Wash to remove dirt and remove damaged beans.

– Put the pot on high heat, medium heat, roast in black heat, stirring constantly so that the beans don’t burn, keep the heat low. Cook until the beans turn yellow and are fragrant, then turn off the heat.

When the beans are cooked, pour them on a plate. Boil 1 liter of water, add all the roasted beans and water and continue cooking for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, turn off the heat, cover the pot for another 15 minutes.

– Finally, use a sieve to remove the beans, pour cold water into a bottle to drink slowly, you can keep the water in the refrigerator.

Note: After preparation, the bean juice can be stored in the refrigerator for the first 24 hours. Avoid leaving water at room temperature without a lid, because it will cause stomach upset when you drink.

The effects of black beans on the body are many. However, you should not drink too much alcohol so as not to harm your health.

You should only drink one cup a day. Absolutely do not add sugar, this will reduce the consumption of black bean juice.

Additionally, you will notice that legumes, especially black beans, contain oligosaccharides called galactans. This is a complex sugar that the body cannot digest because it does not have the necessary enzyme – alpha-galactosidase. Therefore, eating fruits, including black beans, is known to cause fever and gastrointestinal discomfort in some people.

If you are experiencing these symptoms related to eating fruits, you may want to consider gradually introducing them into your diet. Another option is to soak the beans longer, choose canned beans, or drain the water used to soak the dried beans. Doing this removes two oligosaccharides, raffinose and stachyose, and also removes some digestive problems.

Nutrition as a whole has the most important role in preventing disease and maintaining good health. The best thing is that you should eat a variety of foods instead of focusing on any one food being the key to good health.

Here are the health benefits of roasted black beans. Use roasted black beans properly to bring the best health benefits.

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