The train Cat Linh – Ha Dong had a problem, suddenly stopped in the middle of the road

At 9:43 a.m. on February 11, a train of the Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway line suddenly stopped in the process of moving. The train was stopped in Thanh Xuan district while moving towards the inner city.

When the Cat Linh station has a problem, the train has to stop in the middle of the road, the technical staff must send a notice “the train is having trouble” to the passengers, indicating that the route is moving a few minutes later than planned. proposed plan.

Confirm with the Newsman, representative of Railway Company Limited Hanoi (Hanoi Metro) said that at the above time, on the Cat Linh – Ha Dong route, there was an incident of signal warning in the area of ​​​​Cat Linh station.

Hanoi Metro confirmed that the incident was in the response scenario. After discovering the incident, the Company activated the handling plan according to the operating procedures in 62 emergency handling situations.

Accordingly, Hanoi Metro has informed relevant units and agencies to coordinate in handling and overcoming problems; Activate the operation plan when there is a problem: Organize a small intersection train from Yen Nghia to Thuong Dinh and vice versa.

The railway operator has also contacted the Public Transport Management Center of Hanoi City to send buses to assist in releasing passengers on the Thuong Dinh to Cat Linh route and vice versa according to the agreed scenario. best.

“We have promptly informed passengers, passenger service, and sent all staff at stations from Thuong Dinh to Cat Linh to the station to assist passengers in transiting by booster buses. For passengers who have purchased tickets but do not need to continue, their tickets will be refunded according to regulations,” said a representative of Hanoi Metro.

After about 60 minutes, at 10:45, normal train operation will be restored on the whole route. The entire troubleshooting process is carried out according to the operating procedures, the troubleshooting time is within 60 minutes, the safety work is guaranteed, and the passenger information service is well done.

The incident has affected train operation: Stopping train operation from Cat Linh station to Thuong Dinh station during the incident handling time; Skip 1 turn of passengers from Cat Linh – Yen Nghia Station; Run a small intersection a number of times from Thuong Dinh – Yen Nghia Station and vice versa.

Before that, in May 2022, during operation, the Cat Linh – Ha Dong metro train also suddenly stopped in the middle of the road even though it had not yet arrived at the station, causing a commotion among passengers..

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