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The tractor ‘slaps’ the car on the side of the bend

PeaceWhen the car has just exited the first turn, it immediately meets the next round bend and the tractor is in the opposite direction.

Close-up video of VinFast VF8's collision with a tractor

Situation: Car driver VinFast VF 8 mounted a dashcam trying to pass a container truck after waiting a long time, at more than 8am on February 18, km 137+700, near Mai Chau. Right at the bend, when just overtaking the car in front, back to the lane, then disappearing behind a second turn, the tractor truck rushed over quite quickly. Right after that, the rear trailer suddenly slid into the opposite lane, hitting the VF 8.

The driver said that while driving to Moc Chau, something happened, the other 3 people traveling in the car were sleeping, so they did not know what happened, all curtain airbags deployed. All four people were uninjured. Meanwhile, the VF 8 was crushed on the left side.

After the accident, the container truck continued to move but was stopped by the traffic police about 30 minutes later. The driver thinks that the dashcam has the feature to automatically save the collision situations (many companies provide this feature) and the car automatically makes an emergency call to the company’s customer care center.

Skill: According to driving experts, in the above situation, the car driver passed in the bend, which is prohibited by law, and also immediately shows the risk. When the opposite tractor driver saw the car, he was startled and clicked the brake, combined with the slippery road, so the vehicle lost balance, a situation of “wagging tail” occurred, leading to an accident.

Meanwhile, with trailers, cornering at high speed in hidden corners, continuous round turns is also taboo, because then, the vehicle will need a lot of roads to turn, and the state does not run straight. When you have to brake hard, it will easily lead to a tail like this situation.

Nguyen Vu

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