The teacher’s single strong slap in the middle of the class pulled the child from the abyss of falling

Perhaps one of the things that makes teachers afraid is that there are “rebellious” students in the classroom. It is a long and difficult process to teach and educate those students.

Strict, tough of course required. However, students may appear obedient at that time, but in their hearts they are not necessarily “submissive”. Sometimes, children with strong personalities even turn on their teachers right in the middle of the class. Facing awkward situations, the way to deal with many teachers agreeing is to convince students with words that are reasonable, with love, with feelings and rules, with praise and criticism at the right time. The method is simple to say, but to do it requires great efforts of those standing on the podium.

Over 25 years in the teaching profession, in contact with thousands of students from 15-18 years old, teacher Vo Anh Triet (HCMC) has encountered many awkward cases. He considers himself “lucky” because he is loved and feared by most of his students, but Mr. Triet also thinks that the reason may be because he always proves to his students that a teacher Paying attention to students, being strict with students, promptly correcting inappropriate behaviors of students is because the teacher loves and wants them to grow up to be decent and kind people.

“I attach great importance to building trust and respect from students through best practice of life values ​​and guiding students to follow along. In class, I teach my students to say thank you and please fault under any suitable circumstances.

Besides teaching the subject, I take advantage of as many opportunities as possible from which my students can draw moral or rational lessons. I guide students to carry out volunteer projects so that their compassion is ignited. Sometimes I still meet some students with strong personalities and uncontrolled behaviors. In those cases, I think sincerity and determination will help.” the teacher said.

The only strong slap in the middle of the teacher's class pulled the child from the abyss of falling - Photo 1.

Mr. Triet said, there was a time when he taught his students to be quite intelligent but rebellious. His family situation was not good when his parents divorced, he had a brain disease. He followed his friends who were playful, lazy, and lazy to study, including his teacher’s English. The teacher recommended many times, he still did not change.

“The other day he used his phone in class, not for the first time, I decided to let him out of school. His mother came, just sat there crying. I decided to take a risk, because I knew there was a chance I would get in trouble. But I think it’s the last resort.

In the evening when he came to class, I asked him to come to the teacher’s desk, I told him and the whole class about the story of his mother crying and worrying about his life. I told him sentence by sentence, one by one, then suddenly I stood up and slapped him hard. I said this is the first time I hit a student, this is a slap I teach him on behalf of his father, remind him on behalf of his mother, that he is an unfilial son.

He stood still, tears streaming down his face, and then he put his arms around me apologetically. Since then, he was a good boy, studied properly, and went to university. Every now and then he came back to visit, hugged me again, thanked me for slapping him hard, and he woke up. That was the first and only time in 25 years that I was a teacher. Lucky for me that I am a freelance teacher and even more fortunate that the student from the bottom of my heart is a good person. I don’t think it’s the best solution, but at the time it was the only solution left.” Mr. Triet shared about his behavior with his “rebellious” students.

Another time a 9th grade student lied, the teacher analyzed and pointed out his mistake. He couldn’t deny it, and spontaneously said something insolent. Although angry, but fortunately, Triet was able to control it. The teacher gently told the student to sit down, saying that he had messed with the teacher. The teacher sent the students home to think. If you think carefully, then write to the teacher and can choose to continue studying or not.

The next day, he entered the class, gave the teacher a letter of three sheets of paper, in which he wrote a lot and apologized to the teacher. Since then, he has been very active. My classmates also noticed that.

With another story, it may be the most difficult case because the student in the story has a really unstable mental state. He lived a closed life, went to class quietly, didn’t talk or smile, went home quietly, didn’t talk to his parents. His parents were really stressed and worried. One day, Mr. Triet chose to chat directly with the 10th grader, right in class: “Yesterday morning, my teacher and my father talked for more than an hour about me. My father said he was very worried, I did not talk, did not share. I did not smile when I came home. I entered my room, closed the door and stayed in. Dad talked, I didn’t answer, just kept quiet. Is that true?”

Listening to the teacher, the student was silent. Mr. Triet continued that he had told the boy’s father that his son had good pronunciation, but his mind wandered in his studies: “Yesterday I didn’t bring the book, didn’t copy the lesson, I yelled at him, but after a while I told jokes he laughed more than you guys. Look at him smiling brightly and very beautiful.” Then the whole class burst into laughter.

Continuing to ask students if they hate themselves when the class calls him more than other students, this teacher shared the difference between the two teachers and students: “Do you know what’s the difference between me and me? Don’t tell me the difference is that I’m a teacher, and I’m a student. No. We’re both men, but you have a father, and I don’t. Teacher I used to have a father before I was two years old. I am luckier than you. You know, today, I have a father, I have a family, not sure if I will have them tomorrow. Your father needs to see you happier, studying. better, care more about people, talk more, share more. Do you understand?”.

Next, the teacher asked his student to focus more on class, listen more. And “come home from school tonight, let’s make a difference, by talking to your parents, laughing more, okay?”. The student promised. Everything went well after that, he happily studied, had fun with his family. You go to college, graduate from college, succeed in life.

The only strong slap in the middle of the teacher's class pulled the child from the abyss of falling - Photo 2.

Not claiming to be a teacher “specializing in treating rebellious students”, Mr. Triet thinks simply that he is lucky with his profession. Talking about recent cases of students’ inappropriate attitudes towards teachers, Mr. Triet said that it is no longer unique but more and more common.

“Sad stories about the teacher-student relationship appearing in newspapers and on social networks make teachers, including me, feel heartbroken, then discouraged. It can be said that the teacher-student relationship Tradition has changed. Those changes have its two sides, positive yes, negative yes. But what we hear is mostly negative.” said Mr. Triet.

However, according to the teacher, the students involved in school incidents are not necessarily “individual” students, because in fact, the concept of individuality used for them often leans towards the negative connotation. Often, all children have family situations that are different from their friends, causing them to lack parental care, lose faith in core values ​​such as family love, respect for others. … resulting in the children being hostile to everyone around them, including their teachers. As a result, when they encounter unsatisfactory or pressing things, they act out of control. Often when they get to the point of behaving like this, any solution is difficult and ambiguous in terms of effectiveness.

“Dishonesty or suspension are prescribed measures, but I don’t believe that a student who’s misbehaves or misses school for a week at home will become a different person. You won’t change anything while studying. Students are not upset about being misbehaving or being suspended from school. They even sometimes feel “cool.” These disciplinary measures are ineffective, if not useless, for many students. What needs to be changed is consciousness, and that change cannot happen in a week.” the teacher shared.

It is also not right for a teacher to insult students according to Mr. Triet, and that teacher needs to realize his mistake in the most demanding way through the management and adjustment of a real management board.

The only strong slap in the middle of the teacher's class pulled the child from the abyss of falling - Photo 3.

Educational leaders, especially at the lowest level, the administrators must be the ones who speak out for what is right, criticizing the negativity of teachers, but must be the ones who defend their teachers. They cannot be the ones who run the school or the basic education industry according to the reaction of the majority on social networks, to assuage the fury of society over a certain story that the majority of the participants up to. are not involved and look at the matter from a subjective and malicious point of view.

The only strong slap in the middle of the teacher's class pulled the child from the abyss of falling - Photo 4.

From the point of view, being a teacher is inherently not easy, but in this day and age, it is even more difficult. Most of the mistakes are blamed on the teacher, the teacher also no longer has the “right” to handle the offending students, making them no longer interested in being a “dedicated teacher”, Mr. Triet also admitted “feeling fire”. The profession in my heart is less “burning” than in the past.

However, he added: “I think teachers must know and set for themselves the strictest principles, about knowledge, behavior, and attitude towards their profession. Students are very observant, they know that he loves them, they will love you.

Obviously teachers have been hurt a lot lately when they are not properly protected by their colleagues, but teachers have to be really fair, have to be really demanding, have to be really kind. A teacher should be an example for his students. To be frank, there are some teachers who see the teaching profession as just teaching letters, and turn themselves into teachers. Teaching is an art, not just holding chalk on a podium. Mr. Triet shared his feelings after 25 years of teaching.

Mr. Triet also said that today’s teachers still have too many worries in life. They cannot be carefree and devoted when they cannot take good care of their family. It’s the truth. Do not ask the teacher to be a saint, because they are ordinary people like everyone else.

“Current teachers also have to do too many things outside of their professional teaching, especially money-related things. When it comes to money, in the eyes of students, the image of a teacher is more or less different. Let’s give the teacher a chance to do the best in his profession, give him a good enough salary so that he won’t have to worry about food and money to support his family. When the teacher has less worries, they will work. better” the teacher said.

Mr. Triet emphasized, parents should also understand that a child does not grow up and succeed only because of a school report full of good grades but does not know anything about the surrounding life. And teachers only accompany children for a short distance while parents will stick with their children for the rest of their lives. What is the future of the child, not only entrusting it to the teacher, but achieving it.

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