The surface of My Dinh field does not affect the result of the match

Opening the press conference on the morning of January 12, coach Mano Polking said: “Tomorrow’s match is a very important match for us. Like the semi-final against Malaysia, this is a difficult and important match. so that our team can take home the championship.”

More than 1 year ago, TEL Thailand defeated Vietnam in the semi-finals of the AFF Cup 2020, then “War Elephants” defeated Indonesia to win the championship. Evaluating the difference between the confrontation in Singapore and this meeting, Coach Polking said:

“There are a lot of differences in the last meeting and this time. Vietnam have two months of training together, full of important players. We weren’t so lucky, we didn’t have the players. But we still have quality players to replace. Therefore, Vietnam is a better candidate, but we will fight to the end.

Vietnam is strong in physical strength, playing pressing, controlling the ball well. Vietnam also defended well, did not lose a goal, and played at home with the support of a large number of fans. They have more than 1 day off, do not have to fly, so of course they have an advantage,” coach Polking confirmed.

Vietnam football - Coach Polking: My Dinh pitch does not affect the match result

The surface of My Dinh field brings worries to many teams here and there are also mixed opinions. As after the semi-final second leg between Vietnam and Indonesia, coach Shin Tae Yong said that his team failed because of the My Dinh field. Coach Polking said he would consider the field in detail, but with his experience playing at My Dinh Stadium, he did not think that the surface would have a great influence on Thailand’s play. The German military leader shared:

“I will check the surface of My Dinh in detail. This afternoon we will have a practice session here and I will get an accurate assessment. At the 31st SEA Games, we played at My Dinh, the grass was not green. , not beautiful but still playable. I don’t think the pitch affects our play.”

Currently, Thailand’s squad has up to 5 players receiving yellow cards. If they receive more yellow cards in the first leg, these cases will be sidelined in the second leg final. However, coach Polking said this is not something for him to worry about. Former captain of Ho Chi Minh City Club shared:

“The Vietnamese team also has four players who have to receive yellow cards. I don’t know if the Vietnamese team will use these players or not. We all know the law, the players need to be aware that they have to receive them. a yellow card, they need to focus on the game.

The final first leg of the AFF Cup 2022 between Vietnam and Thailand will take place at 19:30 on January 13 at My Dinh Stadium. After 3 days, teachers and coaches Park Hang Seo will have the second leg at Thamasat Stadium.

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