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The scenery of the Northwest is particularly beautiful in “Flowers are waiting for the beloved” by Pham Thuy Linh

The scenery of the Northwest is particularly beautiful in “Flowers are waiting for the beloved” by Pham Thuy Linh

Singer Pham Thuy Linh just released MV song Flowers are waiting for your beloved. The song was composed, arranged by musician Xuan Tri, and served as the MV director for the first time.

Hoa ban is still considered a product of the mountains and forests, the soul of the Northwest. The Tire flower with its fragile beauty has always had a strange charm, captivating travelers who come to the highlands in spring.

Referring to the delicate and pure ban flower, many people remember the romantic yet tragic love story of Khum and Ban. Boys and girls still believe that the white ban flower is a symbol of true love.

The sweet beauty of Pham Thuy Linh in MV

Singer Pham Thuy Linh’s song Hoaban misses his girlfriend. (Photo: NVCC)

The beauty of banjar flowers has been expressed in many works of music and works of art. Musician Xuan Tri also has a special impression and emotion with this fragile flower and composes a song Flowers are waiting for your beloved: “For me, the forbidden flower is as beautiful as a young woman in the Northwest. The pure and pure beauty and loyalty through the legend of the flower have evoked a lot of emotions in me to write this song”.

“In the work, I likened the beautiful flower ban to a fairy coming to earth, turning into a young woman of many different colors. This is also what I want Vietnamese people and tourists from all over the world to know and love the Northwest a lot more”, added musician Xuan Tri.

Working with Pham Thuy Linh In many songs with different materials, musician Xuan Tri understands the female singer’s vocal range and strength according to the song she just composed. I say: “Pham Thuy Linh performed the song very well, according to my needs and desires.”

When Pham Thuy Linh sharing, he was excited as soon as he heard the demo of the song, only listening once, he remembered and repeated the melody. The female singer confessed: “Mr. Xuan Tri gives very close lyrics, every day, suitable for me and young people. This song is not very difficult in terms of technique but requires emotional depth. Singing requires a lot of breath because he asks to sing as if he must let breath into every word.

One thing that makes me really like this song is because I feel my personality and my personality in it. I like the simple, rough, everyday and energetic of the song.”

The sweet beauty of Pham Thuy Linh in MV

Beautiful frames in the MV. (Photo: NVCC)

The natural majesty of the mountains and forests in the MV “Flowers are waiting for your beloved

Pham Thuy Linh Not only singing but also starring in the MV Flowers are waiting for your beloved. The clear beauty of Pham Thuy Linh seems to merge with the heavens and the earth, the mountains and forests of the Northwest. In some scenes, Pham Thuy Linh is like a fragile fairy like a pure flower and shines in the spring sun.

The captivating sight of Moc Chau and Son La appearing in the MV left the audience shocked and somewhat overwhelmed. The view beneath the Nang Tien waterfall makes a strong impression on onlookers as Pham Thuy Linh sings and dances amidst the beautiful wilderness.

Sharing about the new MV, singer Pham Thuy Linh said: “The crew decided to shoot the scene at Nang Tien Waterfall in a split second. Hearing the story about Nang Tien Waterfall shared by the management board, accidentally got very excited. Similar to the story from Mr. Xuan Tri is hidden in work Flowers are waiting for your beloved. The feeling of being turned into a fairy, turning into a flower in the middle of this fairy scene, I have a lot of emotions.”

The sweet beauty of Pham Thuy Linh in MV

Magnificent view of the Northwest mountains. (Photo: NVCC)

In order to get such a beautiful view in the MV, Pham Thuy Linh and his crew had to overcome many hardships, crossing tracks, climbing slopes, on small roads to enter the village. Pham Thuy Linh had to climb to the top of a high mountain in the midday sun to make noise. He explained: “The flycam scene, if there is support from other people, it will be in the frame. To get beautiful footage, the whole crew really worked hard.”

Musician Xuan Tri used to make music films and many times with singers to shoot MVs. He secretly researched, studied, and took on the role of MV director for the first time Flowers are waiting for your beloved. “During the process of writing the article, I imagined the scenes and camera angles to share shooting techniques with you. It has to be said that it is very difficult to find context, find context that satisfies and then make it happen. The idea is also a problem. I love it and do it on instinct, but I am very passionate about this work, “revealed musician Xuan Tri.

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