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The pride of the Cor . compatriots

Ho Thanh Ky, the pride of the whole Cor community in Tra Bong (Quang Ngai) - Photo: TT

Ho Thanh Ky, the pride of the whole Cor community in Tra Bong (Quang Ngai) – Photo: TT

Amidst the lonely mountains and forests in the most remote country of Quang Ngai, Kien’s achievements are like a miracle of a community, likened to the one who lit the fire for education in the highlands, where education universalization is still a goal to strive for. .

I will do my best to get the best academic results possible and make it a mission for myself to get through college.


I don’t want to suffer like my parents

The School of Engineering is located in a remote mountainous district, 80km from Quang Ngai city. Here, poverty alleviation and raising awareness for the people are still the hard work of the government. The word is all assigned by parents to teachers, even teachers have to find students to go to class every day.

The House of Engineers in Tra Thanh, a charming land among the upturned mountains, is the poorest commune in the province. Each grain season, the State must support rice for the Cor to overcome hunger.

In elementary school, when friends were lazy to go to school, Kien didn’t miss any class, and even dragged his friends to class, only his classmates because “I want everyone to see that the Cor people are also very good at studying and can change their lives with their children.” letter”.

Perhaps it was his father’s secret drinks, the times when he ran out of rice to go to class, was the driving force that motivated that child of the mountains to try every day.

Skillfully comparing their compatriots, those who have words have a better life than those who drop out of school early and say that their compatriots only change when words are luggage.

After finishing primary school, he left the village and traveled 25km to the school for students boarding. It was also the first time that he cried because he was homesick. The word is the only thing that keeps him here, promising himself not to stop studying for any reason.

“Boarding at school helps me have more motivation, not to be reminded by teachers, but to actively study. I don’t want to be poor like the people in the village,” said Kien.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Sang – a history teacher – said he had never heard of any teachers who were bothered about Engineering. You are a rare disciplined person, listen to lectures in class and give arguments if you find them unreasonable or difficult to understand. At the end of class, they met again in the school library.

“Detecting Ke has a passion for history, so I support him to pursue this subject. He grasps very quickly and scientifically arranges historical data, so he makes things difficult to remember simple,” said Mr. Sang. .

With Kien, history is not just memorizing as many people think, but it is also necessary to learn to understand, analyze events, and understand the essence. Technical loves to systematize facts with knowledge. “Study well in history helps me develop my data analysis thinking and supports learning other subjects,” said Mr.

Pride of the Cor

Ho Thanh Kien is a human student ethnic minority only among the 23 first prizes in the exam to select the best students in grade 9 in Quang Ngai province in the school year 2022 – 2023. But Mr. Sang and the school administration were not too surprised even though it was a rare achievement.

“Preparing for this exam, I didn’t review much, but just talked with Kien. I told my colleagues that he would definitely win a high prize. This first prize will help him be more consistent with his choice of words.” – said Mr. Sang.

Kien won two second prizes at the district level for two consecutive years, before stepping up to the top podium in the provincial exam. The result of Kien made the whole area tingle, the Cor people were proud of the village’s child. Village elder Ho Minh Son (83 years old) – a reputable person in the Cor community – is emotional when talking about Engineering.

He was a rare Cor who attended 10/10 class during the war. The word helped him become a leader in the process of changing farming practices, eradicating constant hunger in his hometown Tra Tan commune. “Eradication of poverty, eradication of illiteracy and illiteracy in the time when we gradually receded into the past, now the Cor must rise up.

I’m happy with Kien’s achievement and hope the Cor kids look at it and try. Only letters can help the village get better. Skill is the pride of our Cor people,” said the village elder Son.

The technique partly proves that the Cor people, despite the difficult conditions, are trying to gradually erase the gap between the opposite region and the lowland. Knowing that ahead, there are still many mountains of knowledge to conquer, more difficult than climbing the mountains in Tra Bong.

You are still trying, even more do not want to climb with your hands and feet like your parents toiling in the forest but poverty still surrounds you.

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