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The price of iPhone 14 and many iPhone models dropped sharply near the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is usually the busiest time in the mobile market. However, the economic downturn seems to have been affecting the way users spend. Since the end of 2022 until now, as reflected by some retailers, the demand for electronic products such as laptops, computers and mobile phones is showing signs of slowing down.

GFK data shows that, from the end of 2021 until now, the Vietnamese market imported a total of 1.8 million laptops. However, sales of laptops in the whole market in 2022 are only about 900,000 units. This leads to a large surplus of laptops on the market in 2023. In which, MacBook is the line of computers with the largest inventory.

The mobile market in late 2022 and early 2023 is no longer as vibrant as before. Photo: Trong Dat

With the mobile market, the share of many agents shows that, compared to previous years, purchasing power iPhone 14″ in particular and this year’s smartphone products in general have dropped sharply. The cause is pointed out by users who are tightening their spending after experiencing a difficult 2022.

Facing the above situation, retail systems have launched many stimulus programs to increase sales, especially with the main product line, iPhone 14.

As noted by PV VietNamNet, in the first week of 2023, many genuine iPhone 14 models have deeply reduced prices. Specifically, the iPhone 14 series with two best-selling versions, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, has decreased by 1 to 3 million VND compared to the end of 2022.

iPhone 14 Pro is priced from 27.5-28.9 million VND for the 128GB version (difference depending on the dealer), down more than 1 million VND compared to the previous month and 3-4 million VND compared to the list price. listing.

Meanwhile, iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB is being sold at VND 29.9-30.9 million, down from VND 2 to 3 million compared to December 2022. iPhone 14 Pro Max 512GB and 1TB versions also reduced by 3.5 million VND to 38.5 million VND and 43.9 million VND respectively.

The price of iPhone 14 and many iPhone models has plummeted compared to just a few months ago. Photo: Trong Dat

According to some genuine Apple distribution agents (AAR), “Apple defect” has allocated a large amount of iPhone 14 to the Vietnamese market. The abundant supply while the purchasing power is limited has caused dealers to adjust the selling price.

At the Vietnamese mobile retail system, recently iPhone 14 purple version came back a lot, especially when the iPhone 14 Pro line accounted for a large number. This is the version that was “sold out” in Vietnam at the time the new iPhone 14 was released.

Sharing with PV VietNamNet, Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy – representative of CellphoneS system said that from now until January 20 – the time approaching the Lunar New Year, iPhone 14 will continue to return many, of which, at most two lines. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max products.

“Due to the large volume of goods, for the first time, all the stores in our system have enough iPhone 14 models. The prices of iPhone 14 products are falling sharply compared to the time of sale in October. This is the best price for iPhone 14 buyers since the beginning of the sale,” Huy said.

Not only iPhone 14, on the Vietnamese mobile market, many old iPhone 14 models are also currently at very good prices. Accordingly, iPhone 13 is currently sold for VND 17.99 million, iPhone 13 Pro is priced from VND 23.5 million. Another model that is of great interest to many people is the 64GB iPhone 12, currently priced at VND 14.99 million, down about VND 1 million compared to the end of 2022.

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