The marriage is deadlocked because the husband’s family has a lot of debt

I am 29 years old, just got married last year, 5 months pregnant, my husband is one year younger than me.

Since meeting and getting married, my life has been sad. Before we got married, I just thought that the husband and wife simply worked for a salary and then accumulated wealth together, our total income was about 40 million VND per month. When I fell in love, I also worked in a bank with him. Then, due to work pressure, plus the advice of him and his family, I switched to a state agency to work for the future to have free time and have time to take care of myself and my family, but life was not like that. dream.

When I got it back, it was also when I knew that my husband’s family defaulted on more than tens of billions of billions because of a failed stock investment. This money my mother-in-law took from her younger brother to invest (she asked her mother to keep it). The market did not see the bottom, mother and husband brought money every time they fell, and finally could not afford it when the market fell sharply again, their securities accounts were gradually sold, now losing most of them. According to her husband and mother-in-law, you have to wait for the market to recover and then sell all your land to get out of debt.

My husband’s monthly salary is only 11 million VND, but the bonus is good, his income is about 320-350 million VND per year, but he doesn’t give me any money every month. I only spend personally and use my salary of 6.2 million VND per month, my husband and I do not touch anyone’s money. The money such as electricity and water, funerals and weddings at the husband’s house are his own, while the amnesty at his wife’s house are paid for by me. There are months at the end of the month, I ask him for his salary, but there is no month.

Since getting married, he only gave me a total of about 50 million dong, mother-in-law and sister-in-law each gave me a gold tree. The couple’s wedding money is collected by the husband’s family, while the mother’s happy money is given by the wife’s family because she knows that I still have to pay the debt. Other money in the husband’s family, I don’t know anything. Spending every month, my husband told me to spend five million dong, the rest he didn’t say anything more. He just wants to continue investing in the stock market, so that if he doesn’t rise again, he won’t lose the wave.

Now that I’m pregnant, my husband has saved 50 million VND for his own baby, but I don’t know where that money is anymore, my previous husband called for me but now I don’t see anything. As a family-oriented woman, she also had a good income before, because she was worried about the future, but she gave up her job to have the opportunity to advance to this side.

Now my salary is low, my husband doesn’t give me money, my husband’s family is in debt, I don’t know how to continue. Many nights lying down thinking I feel very sad, knowing that being pregnant but sad or crying is not good for the baby, but it can’t be stopped. I really need everyone’s words of encouragement and sharing to overcome this difficult period, wait for the stock market to recover, and my husband’s family to pay off all the debt. Then, will my husband give me my monthly salary?

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