The male lion is hunted by a herd of wild buffalo

The famous male lion named Casper was surrounded by a herd of dense black buffalo in a grassland in the Kruger National Park reserve in South Africa on October 23.

Mark Kingaby, who discovered this situation, said the white lion was forced to retreat to a tree to preserve his life under the pressure of the herd. Buffalo.

Footage in the video shows the “king of the jungle” being forced to abandon the resting area on the lawn when a dense herd of black buffalo surrounds.

In the deadlock situation, the lion stood on the tree quite timidly looking down at the herd of buffaloes surrounding below.

Wild buffaloes are always excited when detecting the silhouette of lions.

Buffaloes themselves are good prey for lions. But in front of a large herd of buffalo, the lion understood that it was not strong enough to confront.

“Casper struggled for a long time on the trunk of the tree, waiting for the buffalo to disperse before finding a way to escape,” Mark said.

Kruger . National Park located in the northeast of South Africa, running along the border of Mozambique in the east, Zimbabwe in the north, and the Crocodile River in the south, covering an area of ​​nearly 2 million hectares, world-famous as a sanctuary for many species of animals South Africa’s largest wild.

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