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The German foreign minister explained about the statement “EU is at war with Russia”

The German Foreign Minister explained about the statement that the EU was at war with Russia - 1

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Photo: Reuters).

In an interview with the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel Posted on February 11, Foreign Minister Baerbock admitted that her speech at the European Council last month was an error.

At that event, the German diplomat said that the EU “is at war with Russia”. Her comments were criticized by many politicians in both left and right German parties for their inappropriate use of words. Russia at the time said it was proof that the West “has been preparing for the current conflict for many years”.

Explaining the above controversy, Ms. Baerbock emphasized that the general message of the speech was that Europe should unite to support Ukraine in dealing with the operation. military of Russia, still valid.

When asked if she thought “Germany is at war with Russia”, she denied this. However, she said that, by hitting targets in Ukraine, Russia was also targeting “our peaceful order in Europe”.

Explaining the controversial statement earlier, the German diplomat said that putting her words in the right context was key to getting the message across. She alleged that her message was “distorted” and misinterpreted by pro-Russian media outlets.

However, she concluded that she was wrong and quoted a German proverb, which roughly translates to: “Only those who are not alive do not make mistakes”.

In the interview, she reiterated that she had to refute accusations that Germany did not provide enough support to Ukraine at a time when Berlin was still not agreeing to provide tank aid to Kiev.

“That’s why I have to make it very clear that what we are doing is to help Ukraine defend itself,” she stressed, adding that she also wanted to send the message that Russia’s military campaign has an impact. to the entire security architecture of Europe, not just Ukraine.

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