The game turns players into attractive cats

Over the past week, the gaming community and cat lovers are talking about a game that allows players to transform into an adventurous feral cat and explore the cyberpunk world.

BlueTwelve Studio’s Stray game was just released on July 19, but has become a phenomenon and reached the top of the most popular games on Steam.

According to CNN, the founders of BlueTwelve did not expect such unexpected success for them. BlueTwelve producer Swann-Martin Raget said he was overwhelmed by the “rain of compliments” for Stray.

The irresistible charm of cats

Having just entered Stray, players have easily noticed its charm with gamers who love cats.

The game possesses beautiful graphics with detailed and natural lighting and shading effects. The gloom and darkness of the city without people shows up very clearly, completely different from noisy games with continuous action sequences. Besides, the transformation into a wild cat is equally strange and attractive.

Name game for people who love me meow 1

The game has hit the cat-loving psychology of the majority of gamers. Photo: BlueTwelve.

Set in a fallen city, the cat’s journey in Stray is filled with a gloomy, deserted atmosphere. Players will transform into the main character is a cat who is separated from the herd and lost in a ruined city.

Starting from here, events begin to take place and the player’s task is to solve the mystery and find the way back.

We will realize that even without people, this city still has signs of life. Stray also has a companion, a small drone called the B-12, which helps him read instructions and piece together information into a complete story. about the world around.

In addition, the game also appears humanoid robots and swarms of creatures called “Zurks” that are always lurking and looking for ways to attack the player.

Name game for people who love meo brother 2

Players will play the role of a cat, wandering in the middle of a large, uninhabited city. Photo: IGN.

Unlike other adventure games that take us from one surprise to another, Stray has a light puzzle gameplay. The game gives players the experience of exploring an uninhabited city in the body of a cat.

Role-playing as the hairy protagonist, the player must think like a cat, find all the clinging points to move to the desired place and pick up the necessary items around to continue his adventure.

Get the prototype from a real-life feral cat

Practical experience shows that Stray’s gameplay balances between having to complete assigned tasks and providing players with the ability to freely explore the world. It can be said that the game both requires the use of skills and satisfies the hobby and passion for cats of gamers.

“Everything in is very simple but still ensures the game runs smoothly. Players can understand the plot without thinking too much or having to overcome difficult challenges,” producer Swann-Martin Raget of BlueTwelve told CNN.

According to Laine Nooney, a professor at New York University of media and video games, Stray’s success is due to many factors, including a lovely story, elaborate investment, ease of play, and also a appearance of cats that are loved by many people.

“Playing the role of a cat makes the player somewhat relax. Although their mission is to take this cat through a scary world, the obstacles are very simple, completely different from the epic, thrilling games before,” shared Nooney.

Name game for people who love meow 3

Stray’s main character is a golden cat who has to overcome many obstacles, sneak past robot guards with the help of a B-12 drone. Photo: BlueTwelve.

Sharing about why Stray chose the central character to be a cat, producer Swann-Martin Raget said that this firstly depends on the context of the game.

The ruined city in Stray was originally inspired by Kowloon Zhaicheng, a lawless area, concentrated in crime, drugs, and prostitution of 20th century Hong Kong. But what is different is the “maze of darkness.” “This real life is inhabited by tens of thousands of people.

Meanwhile, the two founders of BlueTwelve think that this is a great playground for cats when there are many narrow paths and large views. But the most important reason is that BlueTwelve’s development team is a cat lover.

In fact, the original Stray protagonist is a feral cat adopted by the founders of BlueTwelve many years ago.

Not only game developers, even gamers can’t resist the attraction of these cats. Stray has reached the top of the most popular game on Steam with nearly 50,000 players and many positive reviews after only 2 days of launch. “If you want to be a cat, Stray is the perfect game for you,” a gamer shared.

(According to Zing)

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