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The former leader of the Can Tho City Health Department talked about his superior “whose initials are T”

At the trial on February 10, the jury announced that Mr. Vo Thanh Thong, former Chairman of Can Tho City People’s Committee (later Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment, retired before the age of 11-2022), continued absent. This is the third summons of the court.

This time, Mr. Thong submitted an application for trial in absentia to the court for the reason that he was not healthy.

The indictment shows that defendant Hoang Thi Thuy Nga (former Chairman of NSJ Group, based in Ho Chi Minh City) asked Mr. Thong to connect with defendant Bui Thi Le Phi – at this time the Director Can Tho City Department of Health. Although Nga denied it, Ms. Phi said she knew about Russia through Mr. Thong and it was the call from the city leader at this time that pressured her during the bidding process.

Specifically, Ms. Phi said that the indictment had some right and wrong places. Specifically, regarding the role of mastermind and leader, such prosecution charges are too heavy, the defendant does not lead.

The former leader of the Department of Health of Can Tho city talked about his superior with the initials T - Photo 1.

Defendants at trial

Before the court, Ms. Phi said that when conducting the first bidding (procurement of a two-battery DSA system for the Cardiovascular Hospital), the defendant and Mr. Thong (now Chairman of Can Tho City People’s Committee) had a meeting. with the Heart Hospital. The defendant heard that the hospital proposed to buy this machine system.

“After the meeting, Mr. Thong called the defendant and said that Ms. Nga from NSJ Company would come to sell medical equipment and ask the defendant to facilitate and help Russia participate in bidding packages at the Department.” – said Mrs. Phi.

The former director of the Department of Health of Can Tho continued to say that because the bidding for the purchase of equipment was made by Mr. Cao Minh Chu (now Deputy Director of the Department of Health of Can Tho City) as head of the department, when Russia arrived, Ms. called Mr. Chu. At the meeting, Ms. Nga introduced the company’s capabilities, the products that Ms. Nga is offering and the DSA system.

“Russia told the defendant that he had met Mr. Thong, Mr. Thong also supported Russia’s participation in this project. It was because of his belief in Russia’s words, combined with Mr. Thong’s call, that the defendant and defendant Chu were new. agreed to allow Russia to participate in the project and create favorable conditions for Russia. The defendant sincerely confessed this to the investigating police agency “- Ms. Phi said.

Defendant Phi added that he was under a lot of pressure before Mr. Thong’s call. The defendant also admitted to being wrong, but expected the jury to consider the circumstances when committing the crime, because at that time the People’s Committee of Can Tho City was the place to approve the policy.

Defendant Chu testified that he did not know about the call between Mr. Thong and Ms. Phi, but through Mrs. Phi’s words, he identified himself as Mr. Thong directing about favoring Ms. Nga’s company.

“That day, Ms. Phi called me over to her room to work. When I arrived, I saw Ms. Nga and Mr. Hong. Only then did I know that my superiors introduced these two people. Later, Ms. Phi said that Mr. T. Meanwhile, the City People’s Committee at this time has 3 superiors with the initials T. so I only know that the superior has the name T.”

The defendant also admitted that as the head of the bidding project management unit, the defendant had made mistakes in the process of making and evaluating the bidding documents. However, Mr. Chu said later, when the police got involved, he knew that he had signed the document, but initially trusted completely in the submission of the signature of his subordinates. Meanwhile, the dossier also has the initials of the head of the planning department of the Department of Health, the project file also has the signature of the director and the scientific council.

The chairman said: “In the scientific council, it was also said that in fact, even just proposing an extra pen will not be approved by the Department of Health. Not to mention the story of 4 packages of 90 billion VND, the beneficiary has no requests for proposals, but the above still put down, validly the entire dossier. The defendant must think about his responsibilities.”

Regarding the amount of “kickbacks”, the defendant Phi continued to deny that he did not receive 3 billion dong as stated in the indictment and did not think that it was possible that the staff of the Can Tho City Department of Health had received 100 million dong of Russian New Year greetings. . Defendant Chu said that it was not until he worked with the police that he learned about the amount of VND 200 million that the authorities determined he received to “lube” the city inspector.

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