The dish many Vietnamese people love, but it is in the Top “worst food in the world”

Specializing in travel and cuisine Taste Altas Describing duck eggs as an unusual dish but popular in many places. Not only is it a familiar dish to Vietnamese people, duck eggs are also very popular in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, duck eggs appear in every corner, from street vendors to restaurant high-class. Even people consider it as a “panacea” to help yang and increase vitality.

The article introduces, duck eggs are eggs that the embryo has developed into a shape, then boiled. Inside the egg, there is a whole “small duck” that many diners are afraid to taste.

Depending on eating habits and culture, there are many ways to enjoy duck eggs.

In Vietnam, the most common way to eat it is to use it when the eggs are just boiled, still hot. In the North, eggs are often peeled, left in a bowl, served with salt, pepper, and laksa leaves. Meanwhile, in some places in the south, hot boiled duck eggs are placed vertically on a small bowl, and eaters use a spoon to separate the shell from the top.

Previously, this site once rated duck eggs as the scariest egg dish in Asia.

According to the representative of the organizers, the results of the evaluation of the dishes are based on the evaluation of millions of visitors, experts and chefs, who work in the food service industry.

Despite being underrated in the rankings of Taste Atlasbut duck eggs are on the travel site Lonely Planet Suggestions for foreign visitors to taste.

“If you are still timid and don’t want to try duck eggs, then eat quail eggs instead. This type of egg is smaller, easier to eat, and has a popular cooking method, which is stir-fried with tamarind. The dish is chosen by Vietnamese as such. snacks in the afternoon,” the article describes.

Before that, page Food&Wine There is also an article about “9 dishes to try in Vietnam”, in the list there is also duck egg dish.

“The taste of the dish is very strange. It has a greasy taste. This is certainly not for everyone, but really don’t regret enjoying it,” a part of the article said.

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