The danger of “view sentence”

When the network society developed with many high entertainment features, meeting the needs of simple audio-visual, fun after a lot of chaos in life or convenient in buying and selling according to people’s consumer tastes…

If we just stop there, there are no “network idols” arising; no hot tiktokers on the red carpet; there are no Facebooker is hailed like a god; Without the “war gods” to close the single, there is no problem because of the view sentence, it is because of creating a trend or wanting to be a celebrity that creates a chaos and danger like today.

“Hello, lonely old woman in the middle of winter” became a trend that appeared on social networks, and the story of Noono really made many people clam up about her lifestyle, behavior and dangers. Young people risk blood despite the sentence view.

Why should they defy? Because the more views, the more people who follow the channel, the more brands and brands will come to advertise. The amount of income is not small. They are even more hailed as a celebrity. That attraction attracts people’s greed in a terrible way.

But, recently, the online community discovered a clip of No and his friends smiling and talking about the “hello backpack” trend in a joking way. The crying clip went viral on the internet, but it was like a drop of water because the sincerity was just a performance. Truth is gone. Acting a joke, and pulling the curtain on the scandal to survive is always their trick. All as a media response, prolonging the time for everything to sink into oblivion.

Everything that No or many “famous” people on social networks do, is actually just because of the illusory vanity brought by cyberspace. A space where the crowd decides everything. It is a dangerous thing that is difficult to control.

The danger is so terrible that it is no longer ethical to see clips on social media spreading crap about one artist dying, the other passing away. Of course it’s all fake news. Believe in those whose conscience goes to the end of the drain. For what? The only reason is the view sentence, the like sentence, a lot of shares, a lot of people talk, so their channel emerges and the ultimate goal is to sell and advertise. A shortest way to get high number of followers and make money fast.

Many people go to the “complex” to cry and chant mantras to pray for the artist’s rebirth without having to learn anything more. Crowds are always easily pulled by sympathy. The compassion, which is a beauty in the behavior culture of Vietnamese people, is now turned out to be repulsive and seriously unethical by the glittering illusion. Many artists in this situation had to ask the media to correct them. Even with veteran artists, the older the name is, the easier it is to be sacrificed….

Society is now developed, one click is to search for information fast news and exactly. So why keep “hands faster than brain” crying with crap from virtual websites? That’s the way to live dependent on spam, dirty games from “net idols” with no conscience.

Content creation must be kind, verifiable and should think on a social scale. The access of people will make information and stories spread at breakneck speed.

Recently, a dangerous sharing from Tiktokers recently caused the community to stir, the medical world had to get involved in the story of sticking tape in the mouth while sleeping. The clip of a Tiktoker sharing the experience of sticking a piece of tape on his mouth while sleeping reached 5 million views. Then there is the triumphant gloating when creating a new trend.

If you look closely, the “Sleeping Mouth Mask” is the Buteyko method, which was introduced in the 1950s by Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. Over the past 70 years, many medical tests have shown that many things are very harmful when applying this method. That’s something that no “network idol” makes a clip to share. They only work hard to spread the word to sell stickers, as a deification. Only doctors who clearly see the unfathomable danger of this defiant advertising speak out. Only then will people be provided with the most complete and accurate information.

It’s time to see all of this as a danger. Dangerous for behavioral culture, dangerous for social morality and dangerous for social network users themselves. It is impossible for the immediate benefit to degenerate our human nature.

Until when will content creators, Tiktokers, Facebookers, Youtubers self-consciously create a civilized and safe creative environment? This question really needs a strong purification by technical measures, from those responsible for management, from the smart social network users who know how to boycott the bad and from the careful care of the people themselves. content creators.

The network also needs to be clean.

*This article represents the personal views of the author.

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