The AI ​​war has begun

Until recently, AI was seen as a “behind the scenes” technology and not as a solid contributor to the profits of tech businesses. However, during the most recent earnings season, executives across the industry had to mention the terms “AI,” “next generation AI,” or “machine learning” two to six times more. times compared to the previous quarter – according to statistics of Reuters.

In it, it seems that Alphabet, the parent company Google, is paying the most attention to AI. At the earnings conference, the search giant’s leadership mentioned “AI” 45 times, up from 13 times at the end of the third quarter. Another tech giant, Microsoft, also mentioned the keyword 39 times, up from 15 times the previous quarter.

The release of software that can produce text and images, exemplified by the rapid growth of ChatGPT, the chatbot product developed by OpenAI, has kicked off the race to integrate AI into products and services. .

Big Tech starts the race to integrate AI into products and services

The $10 billion investment in OpenAI and the Windows maker’s efforts to provide ChatGPT in the cloud are among the emerging challenges for Alphabet.

Industry observers say that Microsoft embedding GPT-like feedback into the Bing search engine could help the company surpass Google, which is the leader in the Internet search market share.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said that AI software is a key focus and in the next few weeks the search giant will have an answer to the rise of ChatGPT with the chatbot software the company has developed. the LMDA project.

“Google has talked more about the benefits of AI with most parts of the company, and revealed the deep integration of this technology into their business in the future.” David Heger, an analyst at Edward Jones, said that Google is more open about big investment projects in AI after a long time of being quiet.

Shaping future social networks?

Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc, said that AI in general is important to the development of augmented reality (AR) technology, a key business for the company in the next five years.

Accordingly, AI can help accelerate the process of digitizing images and overlaying the real world, instead of artists having to build 3D models like now.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg also called AI innovation “an extremely exciting new field”. At the earnings call, CEO Meta mentioned the phrase 30 times, up from 22 times the previous quarter, and revealed that users can expect “several different products” related to AI. in this year.

The Facebook founder said that Meta plans to integrate the new technology into most of its products, such as creating images, videos, avatars and 3D content.

“One of my goals with Meta is to put the company at the forefront of the AI ​​race in general.”Zuckerberg said.

The heat from this new race makes Apple, where hardware like the iPhone reigns supreme, to also make a judgment that AI will be an integral part of the future.

CEO Tim Cook Currently, the “Apple House” uses AI technology for certain features such as car accident detection on iPhone and Apple Watch and will further expand the scope of integrating this technology into many products and services. other services. “We see huge potential in this space that will affect everything the company does. Obviously, it’s a horizontal effect, not a vertical one.”

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