Tech retail is upbeat at the end of the year

Following the markets of Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore,… Sony has just opened their first Sony Store in Vietnam at the end of the year.

Sony Stores are owned by the company, while Sony Centers are now agency-operated.

This store has a large scale, more experience areas such as TVs, Bluetooth speakers, karaoke speakers, high-end headphones, cameras and camcorders, PlayStation 5 game consoles, Walkman players…

Speaking to VietNamNet, Mr. Ugi Matsuda, Marketing Director of Sony Electrics Vietnam consumer goods, said that the store was planned three years ago.

The showroom of the Japanese electronics company opened in the context of many technology companies opening their own product display and shopping centers, this is to ensure a better experience space and service quality compared to stores. of the partner.

The group of key and preferential products is forecasted to have good sales close to the Lunar New Year. (Photo: Hai Dang)

In fact, Samsung had a store like this a few years ago, located in a prime location in Ho Chi Minh City, in line with global standards, and is one of the standout stores in the region.

Currently, brands such as Xiaomi and Oppo all have high-end stores operated by the company, in order to display a full range of products in the ecosystem.

Sony’s store launched at a time when Vietnamese users are tightening their spending, Mr. Ugi admitted revenue will be affected. However, he affirmed that the demand for consumer electronics in Vietnam is still high enough for the store to maintain well with a wide product range.

Sony’s store has a spacious area inside a large shopping mall, following the trend Oppo and Xiaomi are doing.

In early 2022, Mr. KM Leong – Director of Xiaomi Southeast Asia – said that in the next 5 years, Vietnamese users will be more adaptive to shopping inside commercial centers, so street-front stores will no longer have the same advantage as before, technology retailers should move into shopping malls.

Mr. Ugi Matsuda said that the above trend is not clear. The opening of a store in a shopping center is not intended to catch the upcoming trend, but to take advantage of the source of visitors to visit and shop in this busy area.

“Especially young people nowadays are quite used to shopping at shopping malls, we want to target more of such customers,” Mr. Ugi said.

Technology retail in Vietnam had a good first 3 quarters of 2022, but the last few months of the year witnessed a slight decline. The business results report of The Gioi Di Dong showed that the cumulative first 9 months of the year still grew over the same period, however, since November, the revenue has started to slow down, partly due to the good business results of the year. 2021 is hard to pass. This unit forecasts that in 2023 the situation will be more difficult.

However, some retailers are still optimistic about year-end shopping, especially in certain specific products and offers.

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