Syria urges US to immediately end sanctions

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People build fires to keep warm in cold weather after losing their homes after an earthquake in Jindayris, Syria, on February 9, 2023. Photo: AFP/VNA

According to the ministry, the U.S. decision “provided exemptions for alleged humanitarian purposes and facts on the ground have proven that decision to be erroneous.” The department calls on the United States to immediately end sanctions and cease violations of international law, as well as the principles and objectives of the United Nations Charter.

On February 9, the US Treasury Department issued a so-called six-month sanctions waiver for humanitarian aid in Syria, saying that US sanctions in Syria “will not hinder” the earthquake relief efforts.

“All transactions related to earthquake relief in Syria, which were previously prohibited under sanctions, are now allowed until August 8, 2023,” the statement said.

The US side clearly states that the regulations here apply to donations and money transfers to support the aforementioned relief activities. However, the US Treasury Department does not allow oil-related transactions, cooperation with the Syrian government and those subject to sanctions.

The US Treasury Department added that it will continue to monitor the situation in Syria and engage with key disaster and humanitarian aid stakeholders, key partners and allies, in understanding the latest developments. emerging challenges they may face during the relief process.

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