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‘Super pig’ enters the US

A herd of “super pigs” is moving from Canada to the northern US states and could become a major threat to native animals.

Two feral pigs are trapped on a farm in Washington County, Missouri.  Photo: David Carson/AP

Two feral pigs are trapped on a farm in Washington County, Missouri. Image: David Carson/AP

“Super pig” is a cross between purebred pigs and wild pigs, as a result, they have high intelligence and boldness, so they are difficult to kill, IFL Science reported on February 21. Currently, there are 6 million feral pigs in the United States, introduced into the country in the 16th century and causing about $2.5 billion in damage annually. With the arrival of super pigs in the north, costs can quickly add up.

Super pigs raise new concerns due to their ability to survive in cold areas. In the past, cold temperatures in the U.S. polar regions prevented pigs from settling in, but with super pigs, freezing weather isn’t a big deal. That’s because their genetic makeup is composed partly from domestic pigs and partly from wild pigs. They are raised by Canadian farmers, so they have a large body, are much better cold-resistant, can survive and reproduce at temperatures that ordinary cattle cannot tolerate.

Dr Ryan Brook, head of the University of Saskatchewan’s Canadian Wild Boar Research Project, said one of the things super pigs do to survive is to dig tunnels under the snow. “They get into the tabby swamps and tunnel into the soft snow and nest among the tabby grass. If you get up early in the morning, you can see steam rising from the top of the nests,” says Brook. .

Super pigs become problematic because they don’t get along well with native animals. Not only do they compete for resources, they also eat several species, including turkeys. Wild animals can act as reservoirs of disease and transmission to humans. Therefore, the control of invasive species such as super pig is related to human health.

With wild pigs, US authorities have not yet found a way to control them. “Wild pigs easily become the worst invasive large mammals on the planet. They’re extremely intelligent, reclusive. When faced with pressure, especially if humans start hunting, they’ll turn around. become active almost entirely at night, often hiding well in the jungle or disappearing in swamps and can be very difficult to locate,” Brook said.

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