Stressed wife during unwanted pregnancy

Stressed wife during unwanted pregnancy

I am 38 years old, my wife is four years younger than me, I am in love and married for 12 years, I have two children in primary school.

My wife is kind, loving, takes good care of the family and children. I am hardworking, diligent, I know what I have and can do, but I am very worried, always worried. I have not seen my wife really comfortable or relax her body to enjoy the joys of daily life, although I always love her and let her freely do what she likes, without restrictions, without grumbling, silver too. The wife said that she wanted to do this business, but she was afraid that she would not have time for the family, so she went to work in the office. I told her that he liked her and that she found it reasonable.

Married life goes smoothly, the older the two children are, the more beautiful and younger the wife is. Speaking of the economy, we have a home loan, monthly interest payment of ten million dong. I have a business outside, my husband and I have savings of around 700 million dong, a piece of land in the countryside when the price was still cheap, 2000 meters of land left by our grandparents in the countryside. The couple plans to pay off the mortgage in one year. The two fight for a common goal and feel happy, however, something happens.

My wife put the ring on but she still missed it, it had been two months and she was depressed, telling herself it was her fault for not being careful. Now I am stressed because I think life will be difficult with another member, as long as I am old, my health is not the same. I know how difficult it was for her to give birth to her first two children, at that time I could not be with my wife because she was out of work. I comforted my wife that now we try together, with you here, our family is not far apart, you can be sure. The wife is always in a bad mood, sad and crying. What do I have to do to make my wife happy and accept another child? I keep repeating that I will have a tubal ligation and that I don’t want to give birth anymore because I am too scared and tired. I hope you share.

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