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Spending 14 million to go to Singapore to watch BlackPink, Dak Lak boy was hospitalized

Spending 14 million to go to Singapore to watch BlackPink, Dak Lak boy was hospitalized

Spending 14 Million Dong to Singapore “Swinging” BlackPink, Dak Lak Boy Unfortunately Enters the Emergency Room

Hong Phu said that he spent a lot of effort and money to buy VIP tickets to see BlackPink’s show in Singapore, but fainted before the main show.

The owner of this story is Tran Hong Phu (born 2000, from Dak Lak). He and his friend Duy went to the lion island nation in hopes of fully enjoying 2 nights of the famous Korean group – BlackPink.

Excluding travel and accommodation costs, a Phu ticket alone costs 800 SGD (about 14 million VND).

Spending 14 Million in Singapore Watching BlackPink, Boy Dak Lak Takes to the Emergency Room - Photo 1

Hong Phu was fortunate to receive timely support from the security team and medical personnel (Photo: NVCC).

Not quiet since the time of waiting in line

Hong Phu shared with People: “Because I didn’t know how the queue was going, I arrived quite early (at 14.00) to queue. When I arrived, I saw the queue to enter the security check outside was very long. Waited 45-60 minutes at the door. After that, I left to the gate to march into the courtyard.

Everyone has to queue according to the queue number (on the ticket). The smaller amounts are stacked and go to the front page. At this point, I realized that yards in Singapore are set up, not first come, first served. Queuing to the courtyard also took about an hour.”

Due to the long hours and crowded lines, Hong Phu started to feel signs of instability in his body. He had a slight loss of strength, and was a little sluggish. Back then, he just thought it was because he waited a long time in the sun and drank less water to limit going to the toilet.

To quench his thirst, he took a sip of carbonated water. Then, his stomach started to hurt a little, and a feeling of nausea set in.

When everyone moved into the yard, the Vietnamese man vomited but didn’t come out. Through the ticket gate, he immediately went to the restroom to finish.

Spending 14 Million in Singapore Watching BlackPink, Boy Dak Lak Takes to the Emergency Room - Photo 2

BlackPink image taken by Phu within minutes of watching the sound test (Photo: NVCC).

Because of buying a VIP ticket, Phu was allowed to see the BlackPink group sound check. While waiting for the idol to sing, his stomach started to hurt again.

Thanks to his partner holding the spot, he went to the bathroom again to throw up. This time, the group members appeared and performed almost 2 songs. Meanwhile, they only tested the sound of 3 songs.

At the end of the soundcheck, people started pouring into the field. Because he was too tired, Phu had to give up the scenic spot and retreat to the back to rest and breathe.

“When I saw people like them in the clouds, I decided to go to the medical area. After walking 2 steps, I couldn’t even lift my feet anymore. Luckily there was a security guard walking beside me. Seeing the situation. It was not good, he asked if I needed medical attention and I nodded.

The medical team immediately came to my place to check my health. I have high blood pressure. Low blood sugar, only around 2.0 (a normal person should be in the 3.0-4.0 range). Feeling that my health was not good, I decided not to stay and watch the show anymore, but went to the emergency room,” said the young man from Dak Lak.

At around 5:00 pm, Hong Phu sat in a wheelchair and was pushed into an ambulance by security officers. After completing the hospitalization records, he no longer remembers everything that happened. A friend with the same name Duy also left the event to follow Phu to the hospital.

When he opened his eyes, Phu saw that it was already dark and his body was covered in threads. He had a breath check, a lung scan, an ultrasound… and then he was given water, injected with drugs until almost 00:00, before being discharged from the hospital.

Spending 14 Million in Singapore Watching BlackPink, Boy Dak Lak Takes to the Emergency Room - Photo 3

Phu was taken to the hospital by ambulance (Photo: NVCC).

According to the doctor’s conclusion, Hong Phu suffered from food poisoning. Unfortunately for Phu, he also had low blood sugar at the time of poisoning, waiting a long time in the sun, so that his body lost strength.

The total cost of the 23-year-old boy’s emergency hospitalization was 150 SGD (about 2.5 million VND). Free ambulance. His hospital bills and medicines have been discounted.

“I apologize for this unfortunate incident. Concert ticket prices are not cheap. Also very difficult to buy VIP tickets. I had to hunt and buy it myself straight from the official opening. But luckily because I was planning to go. .concert for two days. The next day, I no longer had any health problems,” said Phu.

Fasting, jostling is inevitable

In fact, not only Hong Phu, many Vietnamese youths are also in a “crying and laughing” situation. Because they are too eager to meet their idol, they are willing to accept being in the “pool of suffering”.

Khanh Linh (22 years, Hanoi) and 2 of his friends also went to see the show in the lion island nation. From 5pm to 10pm, they don’t eat, they only drink water. However, Linh shared with Peoplehe felt no problem as he reserved a seat in the stands to watch.

To make matters worse, Phuong Ly (25 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) bought a standing ticket, so he decided not to move in order to get a comfortable seat. He didn’t even dare to drink water or go to the toilet for fear of others competing for his place. After the idol “swing” session, Ly’s throat felt dry and her stomach growled. Because he eats too much to replenish, he has trouble sleeping.

“10 million dong for VIP tickets, 5 million dong for airplanes, 6 million dong for hotels, 9 million for eating and drinking, sunbathing from 14.00, running on the fence, not daring to eat and drink… standing in a place full of tall people ” shared by TikToker Be Duy via a short video.

Spend 14 Million in Singapore Watching BlackPink, Boy Dak Lak is Treated in Hospital - Photo 4

TikToker Be Duy struggles in the middle of a “sea” of people (Photo: Screenshot).

Advice from experienced people

Going to see the show the next day, Hong Phu learned many things. He no longer comes so early. At 3:30 p.m., he put only a few people behind and quickly went through security. Then, he sequenced his queue number to line up on the field.

He advised everyone to learn how to stand in line at the concert venue, arriving at the appointed time.

Phu added: “Furthermore, you have to eat well before going to a concert to have enough energy. You may not drink much, but refill your water regularly to keep your body hydrated. On the second day, I sometimes also take sweets with me.” to eat.” to avoid low sugar.”

In addition, an umbrella is also an important item that can help avoid the hot sun when queuing. Because the weather in Asian countries this season is very harsh. You also need to dress comfortably.

Spending 14 Million in Singapore Watching BlackPink, Boy Dak Lak Takes to the Emergency Room - Photo 5

Phu’s fresh face on the second day (Photo: NVCC).

“When going abroad, buying insurance is a step that must be considered. I was lucky that medical expenses weren’t high when I didn’t have insurance. But in other countries it may not be like that.

I went with Duy, so he immediately supported me when I had problems. But for those of you traveling alone, be prepared to make emergency contact if something unexpected happens. Maybe the hotel phone number, family members, consulate,” concluded Phu.

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