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Smuggled Chinese electric mini cars are widely sold

Smuggled Chinese electric mini cars are widely sold

Recently, contraband electric cars have been sold publicly. The price of each of these cars is just over 80 million, which is equivalent to a high-end motorcycle. Many people have bought and used them, although these cars cannot be registered for circulation, they can be impounded at any time…

Smuggled Chinese mini electric cars are widely sold - 1

Electric cars are sold at the same price as a Honda SH

Publicly sell contraband cars

The sale of electric cars from China is advertised on social media, which creates a lot of agitation because the price is as cheap as the price of the Honda SH motorbike. According to the announcement of a social network account, these electric cars are equipped with modern technology, not inferior to the cars that are officially sold on the market today.

The journalist contacted the owner of a Facebook account that sold electric cars in Hanoi. This woman said that the car costs between 80 and 86 million VND depending on the version. From the document about the vehicle sent by this person to the reporter, it appears that: The car has 4 seats, has automatic transmission, air conditioning, sunroof, smart key to remotely explode, reversing camera… Dynamic The engine has a capacity 1,500W, a maximum speed of 50 km/h. Every time the battery is fully charged, the car can travel 75-100 km. Vehicle dimensions: 2.2m long, 1.6m high, 1.2m wide… The colors of the car are mostly prominent colors such as red, blue, yellow, white.

This person also confirmed that it is a Chinese national car, imported “smuggled” into Vietnam, without any document or invoice proving the origin. Customers who want to own the car will only have to make a deposit in advance and in 3 or 4 weeks they will receive the car at home.

In addition to the aforementioned Facebook account, just by searching with a few keywords on web platforms or social networks, we can find dozens of places that sell cheap electric cars as cheap as motorcycles of this type. Most car dealers do not have large stores or headquarters to display cars, but rather sell mainly online, deliver the cars to the spot and receive money. Many sales “shops” also return to the car test and delivery stage in many provinces. Clients are mainly families from rural areas.

You can be fined at any time.

Lawyer Duong Le Uoc An, from the Hanoi Bar Association, said the Vietnam Registry has standards: any car on the road must fully comply with technical standards. According to article 10, Circular 25/2019/TT-BGTVT of the Ministry of Transport which stipulates the quality inspection, technical safety and environmental protection in the production and assembly of automobiles as follows: guarantee the origin, origin and quality of the factory products and carry out the labeling of goods in accordance with the law. Vehicles can only be shipped when the certificates of the components subject to inspection and testing are certified in accordance with the regulations… “Any car without a set of origin documents, inspection certificate, factory designation, chassis number, number motor; If car owners do not comply with their tax obligations, they cannot register with the police,” An said.

Also according to lawyer An, Article 53 of Article 53 of the current Road Traffic Law stipulates: “Motor vehicles must be registered and have a license plate issued by a competent state body.” This means that the aforementioned electric cars for sale cannot be registered with a license plate, so they will not be able to circulate.

“Electric cars of unknown origin that do not meet the technical standards will not be registered, which means they will not be allowed to drive on any road, even on rural roads or alleys in rural areas,” lawyer An said, advising people not to buy electric vehicles. cars of unknown origin; There is no quality inspection certificate, no invoice, and no import documents related to the vehicle. If people buy and use this vehicle, they can “lose money, make it useless”, because it does not guarantee technical safety when driving and does not exclude being seized by the authorities, even if it is driving in your own garden.

Speaking to reporter Tien Phong, Colonel Nguyen Quang Nhat, head of the Traffic Accident Propaganda, Investigation and Management Guidance Department of the Traffic Police Department, said: According to the provisions of the Road Traffic Law, Motor vehicles when driving on the road, must be registered and inspected to ensure technical safety and environmental protection. Therefore, vehicles of unknown origin, without guaranteeing the technical requirements for safety and environmental protection, will not be registered or registered. People need to do their research carefully before buying used cars. In addition, the driver must also have the driving license corresponding to the type of vehicle he drives.

The head of the Vietnam Registry also stated that the cheap Chinese electric mini cars sold in the market as above have not obtained the certificates of quality, technical safety and environmental safety, so the necessary documents will not be enough to register. the vehicle, which means that the vehicle will not be able to drive on the road.

According to Viet Ha ([Tên nguồn])

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