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Smart city is part of digital transformation

The above sharing was given by Mr. Duong Cong Duc, Director of Viettel Solutions Smart Urban Center at a recent event.

As a consultant to build smart cities for many localities in Vietnam, Mr. Duong Cong Duc believes that smart cities are part of the digital transformation process, bearing the development characteristics of the digital transformation field in general. . “The solution construction only contributes 30%, the implementation and operation contributes 30%, the remaining 40% depends on how users use the product”, Mr. Duc said.

Smart city is part of digital transformation

From that principle, Viettel’s experts believe that, to ensure successful smart city construction, it is necessary to “tailor” solutions for each locality, depending on the status quo, deployment goals and resources of each locality. that locality. In addition, the above product can only succeed if the whole is perfected, has a full ecosystem of solutions, applications and platforms, and meets international and national standards.

Mr. Duc also mentioned the concept of Digital Twins. This is a digital replica of physical entities, processes, relationships, events… in the real world. Accordingly, the entire city is rebuilt in a 3D digital world and Digital Twins technology helps to monitor and manage urban areas (urban projects, resources, environment, population, culture, tourism). …) fast, efficient, intuitive in 3D environment. The evolution of the smart city will be collected by IoT devices, cameras, and sensors.

“Ultimately, smart cities are born for organizations and people to enjoy the values ​​that technology brings,” said Duong Cong Duc, director of Viettel Solutions’ Smart City Center.

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