Simple habits that help prolong life

Exercise regularly

If you want to live a longer, healthier life, daily exercise is key. Studies show that just being as active as possible every day, such as going for a walk in nature, can improve health and reduce stress.

Don’t eat sweets for breakfast

Dina Aronson, Diet ID’s lead nutritionist, suggests starting your day healthier by eliminating sugar from breakfast.

This expert shared: “There are many benefits to cutting sugar from the first meal of the day. Limiting sugar helps prevent overeating calories and fat, and also prevents insulin in the body. disabled by road.

Even with a drop in sugar, your blood sugar remains stable. Your energy and creativity stay high, and contribute to your sense of well-being throughout the day,” says Aronson.

Changing breakfast habits is a way to help form healthy nutritional habits. When limiting sugar in breakfast becomes a habit, gradually you also become fond of it and get used to it. This is the beginning of your healthy nutrition habits.

Eat lots of green vegetables regularly

Actively eating a lot of fruits and vegetables will help supplement the necessary vitamin content for the body. If you eat enough green vegetables every day, the body will have a better metabolism, which in turn also helps to prolong life effectively.

Take a regular nap

Harvard University did a study and did a survey to see how important napping is. Compared with people who didn’t take a nap, those who took a nap were 40% less likely to die from heart disease.

Absolutely no smoking

Overall, smokers can lose up to 10 years of life and are three times more likely to die prematurely than never-smokers. One study reports that people who quit smoking at the age of 35 can extend their lives by up to 8.5 years.

Especially when smoking regularly leads to the risk of lung cancer, accelerates aging, weakens the body’s immune system.

Limit alcoholic beverages

Heavy drinking leads to liver, heart and pancreas disease, as well as an increased risk of premature death. Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a reduced risk of certain diseases, as well as a 17% to 18% reduction in the risk of premature death.

Other factors that increase your longevity include reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and getting eight hours of sound sleep a day. In addition, close and loving relationships such as husband and wife love, affection in familyfriends, … also contribute to making you happier and live longer.

Sunbathing often

You need to pay attention to sun exposure only about 30 minutes before 9 am and after 4 pm in the summer. If it is winter, you should sunbathe more often.

Brain movement

Your brain needs to be active regularly, so you need to create brain training activities. Challenge yourself with memory games, which can effectively delay brain aging and prolong life.

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