Shaking hands with the “big man” of mobile TV, VNPT opens a new growth space

VNPT has just announced the cooperation with Vietnam Cable Television (VTVCab) from January 4, 2023. Accordingly, subscribers of VinaPhone network will receive free high-speed data when registering to use VTVCab’s ON Plus mobile TV application.

Specifically, VinaPhone subscribers can use the ON Plus application with exclusive packages of 8,000 VND/day and 20,000 VND/week or 50,000 VND/month.

Mr. Nguyen Son Hai – Deputy General Director of VNPT Media said: With tens of millions of mobile subscribers and many of them have a need to use OTT television, especially with sports content, VNPT wants to bring Better value through mobile entertainment experiences.

Mr. Nguyen Son Hai – Deputy General Director of VNPT Media shared about the decision to shake hands with VTVCab. Photo: Trong Dat

In addition to providing high-quality content, it is extremely important to take advantage of the advantages and disadvantages of the technology platform to provide an experience for customers.

“VNPT has available technology platforms and solutions, so we look forward to cooperating with partners with good content products and services”, Mr. Hai said.

In the past few years, the telecommunications industry has witnessed a severe decline in the traditional business segment, including messaging and voice services revenue. The root cause is the popularity of mobile Internet, along with OTT services.

Not only that, users’ habits have now changed. They tend to look for novel services that bring a good experience at an increasingly cheaper cost. Facing this situation, telecommunications businesses have to restructure and gradually shift their activities to the digital environment in order to create a new value ecosystem.

In Vietnam, this can be clearly seen when about 2-3 years ago, domestic carriers have actively searched for growth space in the context of traditional telecommunications services gradually becoming saturated.

In addition to developing telecommunications infrastructure and services, many carriers have gradually transformed from a mere telecommunications service provider to a digital service provider. Especially the trend of developing mobile TV services to take advantage of the available strengths of network infrastructure.

Many domestic network operators are investing heavily in the television segment to diversify revenue sources and services. Photo: Trong Dat

Before the handshake of VNPT and VTVCab, in March 2021, Viettel signed a cooperation agreement with K+ to put the content provided by this unit on TV360 application. This is a mobile TV application developed by Viettel and now has about 10 million users.

Also in 2021, FPT Telecom merged FPT Play and FPT Television, becoming a FPT television service with the new common name FPT Play.

According to the explanation of FPT Telecom’s representative, the merging of the two services above helps users to experience television services on multiple platforms, including televisions, computers and smartphones. This decision is geared towards developing a thriving content ecosystem.

The Digital Vietnam 2022 report shows that Vietnamese people spend an average of 6 hours and 38 minutes a day using the Internet, of which 3 hours are spent watching television (including streaming). Television viewing has increased from the average of 2 hours and 40 minutes in 2021.

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