Selling a house on the street for about 3 billion Dong to return to my hometown and buy land to grow vegetables and raise more fish: In less than a year I had to rush back to the city

Selling a house on the street for about 3 billion Dong to return to my hometown and buy land to grow vegetables and raise more fish: In less than a year I had to rush back to the city

Dream of a peaceful life in the countryside

Uncle Vuong and Aunt Hoang live and work in Hai Chau, China. For them, life in the country is a very strange experience. After retirement, videos on Youtube motivate them to return to their hometown to take care of their old age.

My husband and I longed very much for this dream life. They plan to sell their house in the city and return to their hometown to buy land and build a house. With an empty garden, the couple will grow some vegetables themselves and raise a few more cattle to support themselves.

To make sure they made the right decision, Oom Vuong and Aunt Hoang often go to farms in the suburbs on weekends when the weather is nice to experience life in the country. According to Uncle Vuong, life on these farms is almost commercialized, so it’s not right.

Determined not to let the old days get boring, the couple sold their house on the street in Hai Chau, China to raise money to return to their hometown and buy land. According to Uncle Vuong, the apartment was sold for 1 million yuan (about 3 billion dong). From this money, the family plans to spend half of the money on buying a plot of land to build a house in the country. The remainder is invested in savings to earn interest.


With money in hand, Uncle Vuong began asking his country acquaintances to buy the land he wanted. After half a month, a property seller contacted me to present his property to me. Knowing the information, Uncle Vuong and Aunt Hoang took the train to their hometown the very next day to “market” this land. Because Uncle Vuong is in a convenient location for commuting and in the price range, he didn’t finalize the purchase until that day. Luckily the previous owner’s house is still on the property, the couple just needs to renovate it to suit their needs. After three months of repairing and cleaning up the new house, Uncle Hoang and Aunt Vuong were finally able to move in.

Disillusioned as he left town to go home

Uncle Vuong and his wife start a new life, and also grow vegetables to raise chickens to be self-sufficient. However, it is not necessary to plant vegetables in the ground to eat vegetables, buy chickens and raise them so that they can grow themselves.

In fact, you need to have agricultural techniques and experience, know what time of year to plant, what time is the right time and the distance between the trees is appropriate to allow the tree to grow and optimize the area. High or low bed, amount of fertilizer, how much fertilizer is sufficient. Each growing season of the tree requires a different type of fertilizer to be fertilized, the watering rate, what pests and diseases … All the knowledge that Aunt Hoang did not have, but she started with it. The result is that the entire garden cannot be harvested, even though the husband and wife water and tend the garden every day.


Fortunately, the family’s flock is still growing and producing eggs. However, what they did not expect after six months of breeding was the foul smell from the cattle sheds behind the house, which made them unbearable. “My husband and I often sit outside to eat and drink water. However, the smell is too strong, so we have to eat at home,” Aunt Hoang said.

Yet, in the rainy season, Uncle Vuong’s garden is quite low, so it often floods. Each time, the couple stayed up all night to ward off the water. The next morning, they had to work hard for several days to clean up.

Before they returned to their hometown, Uncle Vuong and Aunt Hoang thought they would grow crops in the garden and eat whatever they wanted. However, the planting failed, so Aunt Hoang often buys groceries from the neighbors. Vegetables are delicious and safe. However, according to her aunt, the vegetables are not varied. Some other foods are also not much. Aunt can only buy pork or chicken or duck.

Sometimes I want to replace the dishes with veal and lamb, but the market doesn’t sell. If you want to eat fish, your family can only choose carp and grass carp. Other fish that one wants to eat, such as cod or basa, have to be sent to town and often refrigerated for a few days to arrive. Therefore, when eaten, the fish is no longer tasty. Aunt said there are also a few grocery stores near her house, but the goods are quite monotonous and the quality is not good.


Without using gas, people in this area all use wood stoves. Fortunately, he has a pension, so his family often buys ready-made firewood instead of cutting firewood. According to Uncle Vuong’s description, bathing in winter is quite troublesome because there is no hot and cold water heater. Because they have to boil water and bathe at the same time.

Even in rural areas, going to the doctor and buying medication is very cumbersome. Families often have to take advantage of nice weather days to go to the city and buy a lot of medicines, which takes a whole day.

Such a life lasted less than a year, Uncle Vuong and Aunt Hoang gradually got tired of these inconveniences. They are disillusioned with the peaceful, uncluttered life in the country. Traveling for a few days and watching a few clips of peaceful country life felt strange and interesting, so I dreamed that this was the life I needed. Until this actual experience, Uncle Vuong’s family could not bear it. Because I can’t take the pain myself. The couple also could not give up the habits of life in the city. At 10 months, Uncle Vuong immediately called his son to come back to clean up and go back to the city. After Tet this year, Uncle Vuong also informed his relatives in the country to find someone who could rent this house. Because my family will not go back there.

According to Dinh Anh

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