Salary 4 million dong, accountants, school employees are afraid to see invitations

Salary 4 million dong, accountants, school employees are afraid to see invitations

The salary is very low, there is no allowance, the workload is heavy, so many school staff are not interested in the profession. Some people even intend to quit their jobs and go to the market to sell produce for a living.

Wages are lower than workers (!)

After 13 years of working as a school clerk, Ms. Ngoc Anh (35 years old), an administrative worker at a secondary school in Krong Bong District (Dak Lak) receives a salary of less than 4 million VND/month.

To cover her living, Ms. Ngoc Anh had to “tighten her belt”, spending little by little, but still not enough to take care of her family and her children’s education.

Salary 4 million dong, accountants, school employees see the invitation card is... scary!  -1
High workload, low salary is what worries the school staff the most.

“Receiving a salary, paying my children’s school, money from the market and gasoline ran out. Every month, when I have a wedding or I get sick, I am afraid and worry because I don’t have more income.” -she said. Ngoc Anh sighed.

Faced with the fact that her children have to spend a lot of money and the market prices went up, Ms. Ngoc Anh thought of quitting her job to find another job to earn a living.

“I still love the job at school and I want to stick with it for a long time, but that salary is not enough to live on, not enough to cover even the minimum level. Last month, I wrote an application for a 15-a leave day to go to the market to sell a secondary market customers, earn 400,000 VND/day, earn more money than a month’s salary in school.In the near future, I plan to take a break to find another job to take care of my life.Ngoc Anh wondered.

According to Ms. Ngoc Anh, although everyone works in schools, on holidays, teachers are honored and remembered, while staff who do not directly do teaching work are almost “forgotten”, which is very frustrating.

Salary 4 million dong, accountants, school employees see the invitation card is... scared!  -2
Many employees love their job and want to be cared for to improve their lives.

Ms. Kieu Trang (42 years old, accountant at Hoa Phong High School, Krong Bong District) has 19 years of work experience. Almost 2 decades of hard work, level salary Trang’s monthly income is now only 5 million VND.

Talking about her work, Ms. Trang said that the accountant’s workload is heavy, the responsibility is high, but the salary worries her.

“School accountants, apart from their salary, have no other income. As a teacher, there are extra assignments, classes… and we work a lot, we work 8 hours a day throughout the school. The school shouldn’t have time to do other work to improve collection,” Ms. Trang confided.

“Long Neck” waiting for transfer

Furthermore, what has worried Ms. Trang all this time is that she graduated from school to work with an intermediate degree, and then spent a lot of money to study for a college degree for 7 years. However, at present, Ms. Trang still only receives the salary according to the coefficient of the intermediate system.

I have a college degree, I have full degrees and certificates, but I haven’t transferred in many years and I still receive an intermediate system salary. Therefore, our wish is that our superiors consider changing jobs in order to receive a commensurate salary.”suggested Ms. Trang.

Mr. Huynh Viet Trung, Head of Krong Bong District Education and Training Department, said the current situation worries school staff about very low wages.

According to Mr. Trung, the school staff only receive a salary and not an allowance. The salary is only about 4 million VND/month, many people can’t afford to live. Mr. Trung said that Hoa Le Primary-Middle School has been vacant for almost 2 years, but he has not been able to recruit people.

Although this position has a staff quota and will be accepted for work immediately, there have been no applications so far due to low pay. For this reason, in addition to the need to take care of the lives and thoughts of teachers, do not forget the school personnel because they assume very important positions in the school.said the Head of the Krong Bong District Department of Education and Training.

A leader from Dak Lak Province Department of Interior said that for many years, the province has not considered transferring jobs for school staff because workers do not know the information to make recommendations and there are deficiencies due to responsibilities. of the base levels. “Advise on the implementation of regimes and policies for employees.

After many years of not changing rank, recently the Department of Interior of Dak Lak Province has issued a document urging the organization of an examination or consideration for the promotion of professional titles of public employees from 4th to 3rd, from 3rd to 2nd for civil servants education officer in 2023.

*Names of school staff have been changed.

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