Saigon FC registered for the First Division even though all players were liquidated

V-League 2022, Saigon FC ranked at the bottom of the table and received tickets to the National First Division 2022. Right after the last match of the season, all members, including the coaching staff and players, received certificates. liquidation from the host club. Even the economic difficulties caused Saigon FC to return its headquarters and headquarters at the Thanh Long Sports Center.

In the 2023 season, when the Organizing Committee announced the opening of registration for tournaments under the national professional football system, Saigon FC with Phu Dong and Can Tho are 3 teams that did not register to participate in the National First Division. Experts understand the economic problem that makes 3 teams difficult in the process of operation. In order to facilitate clubs to find sponsors, the Organizing Committee has extended the new registration deadline to February 6.

In the end, only Phu Dong and Saigon FC completed the registration procedure, while Can Tho maintained the “silent move”. If Phu Dong still has the army, gets sponsors and headquarters in Thanh Tri, the case of Saigon FC registering for the 2023 season is full of surprises. According to research, up to now, representatives from the South still have no coaching staff, players, training ground, accommodation…

This raises suspicions that Saigon FC registered for a different purpose, not necessarily participating in the 2023 National First League. Rumor has it that they registered to resell their seats for a single application. other taste. Of course, everything just stops at the level of trust.

Up to now, when the Organizing Committee has closed the registration book, 11/12 teams have officially participated in the 2023 National First Division. The tournament is expected to start in early April.

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