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Returning home early after a few days’ travel, his wife was shocked to see the scene in the bedroom.

Returning home early after a few days’ travel, his wife was shocked to see the scene in the bedroom.

I almost fainted when I saw the scene as soon as I entered the house.

My husband and I have a good business, a stable job, so life family very comfortable, I have accumulated money. Married for 8 years, I trust my husband too, before he left his job and came back with his wife and children. Since the day he became the head of the department, high income means more work pressure.

Soon we will have our own house, life is quite comfortable, I don’t have to worry about the economy because my husband and I have high incomes. Especially my husband, he earns tens of millions a month and is very responsible for his family. Every month, my salary is enough to support my family, recently my husband has not given money to his wife, always with the excuse of “going to diplomacy” to avoid responsibilities, while her salary is very high.

My husband goes out to eat and drink a lot, but when he gets home, he’s still holding his phone. One day, taking the blanket into the living room, not knowing what to see or send text messages to anyone, when he saw his wife, he turned off the phone, upset because he was working but his wife and his sons bothered him. he. The husband and wife relationship has been avoided for several months.

I trust my husband a lot, I always think that he is the head of the department, he runs the business, he has dozens of employees, so he is stressed and busy. Indifference to his wife and children is probably due to stress. It never occurred to me that my husband had a stranger. But it’s true that life is unpredictable, I accidentally found out that what I didn’t want the most had happened.

Returning home early after a few days' travel, his wife was shocked to see the scene in the bedroom - 1

Returning home from a few days’ trip, the wife was surprised to find her husband and a stranger in the bedroom. Illustration

A week ago, I took a few days off to take care of company business. The work was favorable, so I came home 2 days earlier than planned, partly because I was happy, partly because I wanted to surprise my husband, so I came home without letting my husband know. When I got home, I was very surprised to see that someone was at home, thinking that my husband was tired or sick at home, I went up the stairs to go to the room when I found out something shocking.

My husband and the strange woman were lying on the bed, both naked. At this time, I was also in shock, but I kept my cool and closed the door to go downstairs. After a while, my husband came back downstairs and begged me not to make a fuss about it, or fight with his mistress.

Even if I want to see who that person is, I want to rush and break it to satisfy my jealousy… But if I think about it, it doesn’t solve anything, the one who suffers is still me. If I made a big scandal, relatives and neighbors would laugh at me for not knowing how to support my husband, let my husband unknowingly cheat on me, and bring my girlfriend home. So I let my husband’s mistress go safely.

My husband and I had a frank talk, my husband admitted everything, he hoped that his wife would ignore him and stick with it. family happiness. My husband explained to me that dating the other person was only for “comfort”, she also agreed to be her lover only for money… My husband promised to break up with her, not to do it again. I haven’t said anything yet because I’m still in shock.

Since that day, I lost my soul and cried a lot. Every time I go to my room, I don’t want to set foot because I’m still haunted by the story of my husband taking you home to eat and sleep together in my own happy bed. I want to break up but I can’t because my baby is small. I don’t know if I should forgive my husband or get a permanent divorce. Give me a tip with!

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