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Quang Nam increases investment, decides to increase the ranking of digital transformation

How will Quang Nam implement digital transformation and administrative reform in 2023?

In 2022, Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee has directed investment in upgrading infrastructure, expanding network, improving service quality and service quality, ensuring communication needs, as well as directing work. , executive leadership. At the same time, it has connected to a specialized data transmission network to 100% of communes, upgraded the provincial data center infrastructure, ensuring the capacity to deploy digital government and smart cities.

Vice Chairman of Quang Nam People’s Committee Ho Quang Buu

Most of the Departments and sectors have built and deployed specialized information systems to serve the state management and support the operation at agencies, units and localities such as the 1022 Public Service Switchboard. , Quang Nam province authentication database management software…

Agencies, units and People’s Committees at all levels focus on implementing essential online public services under the Prime Minister’s Project 06. The province’s electronic one-stop information system and public service portal have been synchronously and unifying at three levels, connecting, communicating, and sharing data with the national public service portal. Integrating on the national public service portal with more than 1,396 online public services, the online application rate reached 55.73%.

To promote digital transformation and bring people to the digital environment, does Quang Nam face any difficulties?

We encountered many difficulties. Specifically, the facilities and technology infrastructure are not synchronized, the IT equipment in many agencies, units and localities has not met the requirements, there is no unified network connection model, and there is a lack of solutions to the problem. security.

For mountainous localities, people’s IT access level is not high, the percentage of people with smartphones connected to the Internet is still low. Meanwhile, the registration of administrative procedures on the national public service portal requires an official phone SIM, to register an account and enter the correct information with the information on the population data system, so the The rate of public service performance in many areas is still limited. The process of online payment when performing public services is still problematic, especially in the case of returning funds to people when the procedure cannot be done.

Human resources for digital transformation in the units are still lacking, most of them are part-time staff, the workload is large, so it is difficult to conduct digital transformation.

To date, there are more than 900 community technology groups with more than 4,000 participants in Quang Nam

So how did Quang Nam solve this problem, sir?

Regarding investment and development of IT technical infrastructure, the Provincial People’s Committee has submitted to the Provincial People’s Council to issue Resolution No. 36, which allocates funds for equipment procurement, operation and maintenance of IT systems (including software) for service delivery. digital conversion service at the rate of 1 billion VND/district/year. Allocate funding for equipment procurement, operation and maintenance of IT systems (including software) for digital transformation at the rate of VND 100 million/commune/year.

The Provincial People’s Committee has directed branches and localities to provide intensive training on professional skills, enhance knowledge training online or in person for each unit.

In 2022, the total number of staff trained in digital transformation is 5,000. The total number of trained community technology team members is 3,600.

Coordinate with the Department of Informatization – MIC to organize training on digital transformation knowledge on the online learning platform for nearly 400 commune-level leaders.

We strengthen the leadership of Party committees at all levels, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state management; promote propaganda and raise awareness about digital transformation.

Strengthening training and fostering on digital transformation for cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees, especially key leaders, creating unity and high political determination when implementing digital transformation. now convert numbers.

In 2023, Quang Nam will invest in upgrading and completing IT technical infrastructure.

Continue to improve the information infrastructure system on the principle of ensuring information safety and network security, increasing the sharing of infrastructure and promoting the digitization of records and results of administrative procedures in the receipt and settlement of information. administrative procedures…

Quang Nam also measures, evaluates and publishes the ranking of the level of digital transformation for departments, agencies, districts, towns and cities according to the decision of the Provincial People’s Committee.

Target in 2023, Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee wants to change the ranking of digital transformation. Can you tell us your plan to accomplish this goal?

In 2020, the province’s digital transformation index (DTI) ranks 24th, in 2021 it ranks 25th. In 2023, provincial leaders direct to promote synchronous and comprehensive digital transformation in the area, tasks Priorities include: Focusing on implementing digitization programs, schemes and projects; gradually form shared database systems, open provincial databases.

Focus on investing in upgrading and perfecting IT technical infrastructure: upgrading data center infrastructure, ensuring the capacity to deploy digital government and smart cities; coverage of mobile communications, fiber optic infrastructure to low-frequency, remote and remote areas.

Effectively connecting and sharing data between state agencies through an integrated platform, sharing provincial data… At the same time, testing digital platforms according to the program of the Ministry of Information and Communications, serving data-driven management and operations.

Thank you, sir!

Kieu Oanh – Photo: Cong Sang

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